When clients first come to see me for a Life Coaching session,   I often gently support them to  connect with their heart – rather than being solely ‘ head based’.   This is important step so we can connect and get in touch with inner emotions.  Learning heart mediation exercises can go a long way towards healing painful trauma.  It can also open you up  to a new stage of personal development.  Healing the heart is very powerful.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to do this is using a simple heart cleanse meditation. 

I first came across this meditation when my own personal Life Coach ( 22 years ago!) gave me this meditation to complete for homework.    At the time,  I found it very transformational.  This is why I often recommend my own Life Coaching clients give it a go!   Please do not get annoyed with yourself or frustrated if  your thoughts wonder during meditation.   There is no right or wrong way to complete the heart cleanse meditation, so just relax and enjoy it.

Heart Cleanse Meditation.

  • Begin sitting or lying comfortably.
  • Take a few deep breathes both inhaling and exhaling.    Just give yourself permission to relax.  Taking this time for yourself is good self care.
  • Gently take your focus into your heart area.   Picture your  heart in your body, in the centre of the ribs between the lungs.. You can also move your hands to rest over your heart if you like.
  • Once you can imagine your heart,  visualise your heart moving slowly and carefully down your body.  Take your heart through your belly, legs and out through the souls of your feet.
  • Once your heart reaches your feet,  imagine your heart going through the floor or carpet,  the floor boards,  the foundations of your house and into the earth beneath your home.   Imagine your heart traveling through the soil, the clay and the silt.   Keep your heart moving gently through the earth until you imagine it arriving at a beautiful fountain of crystal clean sparkling water.
  • Now place your heart in this fountain of pure water.   If you like, you can make the water a beautiful shade of light pink.  It really doesn’t matter.    Now imagine this water gently running and soothing all over your heart and cleansing it.  Imagine the water running though both the inside out outside of your heart,  being cleaned and cleansed.  Allow this water to wash away any bruises,  pain and trauma from your heart.   You can watch the trauma falling into the stream below the waterfall and being taken away by the current.
  • Continue to allow this pure water to clean and cleanse your heart.   Washing away any bruises, hurt and pain.
  • Once your feel your heart is cleansed,  move your heart back up through the earths crust,  the mud , floor boards etc.  Then place your new clean heart back into your body..

Life Coaching with Lisa Phillips.

Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life Coach with over 22 years experience.   Formally based in Sydney, Australia, Lisa is now based in Corby Northants.    Lisa regularly shares her expertise in the media and she is the author of The Confidence Coach book.

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