As an experienced Life Coach and Confidence Speaker, I have written many articles in the media about the importance of learning to soothe yourself into  confidence.   I also speak frequently about the importance of self soothing on The Love Destination TV. 

I am not a fan of ‘ fake it until you make it’ and have found when coaching clients, that there is a far easier way. A way which feels downstream, in alignment with who you really are and your authentic self.

Many of us have not been taught to self soothe.   In fact, we are have more expertise in the art of beating our self up than we have for self soothing!

If we feel any negative emotion, whether it is fear, anxiety, depression or lacking in confidence,  you can make a huge difference to the way your feel by learning to soothe yourself.   Negative emotions are like emotional hot buttons, and learning to soothe yourself literally takes the energy or resistance out of our negative beliefs and feelings.   In time, these emotions will literally lose power over you.    If you are familiar with my work as a Life Coach and Confidence Coach  you will know that this what I call a  downstream process.

Here is a quick example about how your can learn to soothe your self into confidence:

1) Start by Accepting where you are right now

2) Now Reach for any General thought you can that gives RELIEF

It’s ok that I don’t feel very confident right now

I am not alone, lots of people struggle feeling confident

Just because I feel like this, it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with me

Nothing serious is going on here, its just an old thought I keep thinking

I would like to think it is possible to feel better about this right now
I am sure there is a way, I just haven’t found it yet
It would feel really nice to feel more confident
I would really love to feel more confident regularly
That would feel really great
I am doing great, there is nothing for me to worry about right now

3)  Do not push yourself to feel too positive!  This process is about soothing yourself, not faking it or pushing yourself into positivity.

Experienced Life Coach

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