As a speaker, I stand out from other professionals due to my leading edge engaging personality and my unique style of warmth and vivacity. My wellness workshops and speaker topics are built around my audience connecting with the authentic issues of wellness and self-development making the process of change fun, sustainable and relatable.

I have spoken at hundreds of events, conferences, wellness initiatives and staff development days.  I am also an enrichment guest speaker on Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Princess Cruises.  Don’t forget to check out my media page for my TV Show reel and media appearances and my Speaker Testimonials.

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Not based in Northamptonshire? Not a problem! I can attend events across the UK and abroad.


I offer a wide range of workshops and masterclasses to assist in the wellness and professional development of all your employees.

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Lisa Phillips was recently a guest speaker at a recent networking event I organised at PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) . Lisa spoke about empowerment and growing confidence and she was such an inspiration. Lisa lifted the energy within the first 30 seconds!! Her talk was captivating, energetic and extremely engaging, everyone had such positive feedback on her talk!! Thanks so much for speaking at our event Lisa!!
Sarah Curby, EA at PWC
I had the pleasure of getting Lisa Phillips involved in “Dani’s self-esteem team” for our National radio show. Her natural talent for public speaking was apparent from the get go but even more so her passion for the message she is trying to spread. She had myself and the rest of the women involved inspired and feeling like it was Ok to love ourselves and put ourselves first. She is enigmatic and I cannot wait for our future projects together. Lisa, I wish you all the best in improving the self-esteems of every woman around the world, I truly believe you have what it takes to do so!”
Dani Pola, Breakfast Radio Host
Lisa Phillips is an amazing, vibrant and engaging confidence coach, who was recently commissioned to speak at our annual employee “Health & Wellness Expo”. As our company has used Lisa in the past for our management workshops, Lisa has proven that she can truly capture her audience and speak at ‘their level’; something truly unique to her. Lisa presented to our employees a workshop on resilience, engaging them through activities with a certain panache coupled with her witty sense of humour. Lisa cannot come more highly recommended from our company.
Ryan Dickson, Human Resources Co-ordinator CHPRSL
I asked Lisa to visit our workplace in Corby to deliver a workshop recently. She spoke to 16 members of our staff , myself included. The workshop was excellent. Lisa is a brilliant speaker with a natural, easy presence that had us all engaged. She was able to hold everyone’s attention for well over an hour and she had some superb tips on how we can be “our own best friends”. The following day our office was buzzing. Lisa was talking to 16 of us but so many of us felt that the workshop had been tailor made “just for us” because we could all relate to the feelings she was highlighting. Lisa’s workshop has since made us talk more to each other something which we all know is vital for strong mental health. If you are an employer or you work in HR I would strongly recommend that give your staff a boost by booking one of Lisa’s presentations.
Julie Belford, Kingswood Catering, Corby, Northants
Lisa is incredible! I use Lisa personally as my life coach and I have recently used her professionally to deliver a workshop to my team of 78 early years educators. Personally, I have come such a long way since seeing Lisa – I don’t think I will ever stop seeing her because I want to keep her in my life forever!! She has taught me so much about myself and the facts of life! After struggling for more than 10 years with mental health issues I am finally seeing a light at the end of what has been a very long and dark tunnel! Professionally – Lisa delivered a 75 minute workshop on how to be your own best friend! She was as awesome as ever and my whole team (78) were very moved and inspired and I received a lot of messages later in the evening thanking me for arranging Lisa to come in. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough, I truly believe everybody needs her in their life!!!
Sam, Little Learners, Corby, Northants