On behalf of Claire, myself and the Wincanton team, thank you so much for yesterday … you were absolutely brilliant and it was a true pleasure working with you.
Karen Govier – Wincanton Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Corby, Northants.

Lisa was guest speaker on a cruise and I attended her workshops. Lisa was like a breath of fresh air! Her down to earth, relaxed and positive attitude made her sessions a joy to participate in. I grew up with abuse and bullying being a normal part of my life, which left me with absolutely no self-confidence or self-esteem. Lisa has given me a new outlook and a new path (or river!) to follow. I am finally living my life with the confidence, anticipation and excitement that everyone deserves! Thank you Lisa.


I met Lisa for an introductory session at a recent London Wellness Summit. I was struck by her energy and how well she integrated herself quickly with our small group – she had us engaged and interested from the get-go. Her presentation was on point and thought-provoking giving me some actionable ‘to-do’s’ to work on. Lisa was kind enough to follow up and ask me how I was getting along, offering further advice where I was getting sidelined. All great stuff, thank you!

Sarah - London
Lisa delivered an excellent hour long workshop for a group of 25 of our female sixth form students who participate in a female empowerment programme at school. It was a great session that left our students feeling empowered and having a much better understanding of confidence and being comfortable within themselves. Due to the current pandemic the session was delivered on zoom but Lisa still excellently facilitated discussion and conversations with the girls and created a lovely atmosphere for the girls to feel comfortable and develop their skills in confidence. Thanks so much for the session Lisa! Would definitely recommend and think it’s a great opportunity for young women to help empower & build their confidence.
Brodie - London

Lisa delivered a fantastic session for us here at the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association, being a guest speaker to women from the Afghan community on how they can boost their confidence in their day to day lives. Her advice was simple and genuinely easy to follow, and in the weeks after many of our participants said that they felt more self assured and able to talk about challenging subjects. It’s so hard building confidence when you come to a new country but the tips in the presentation provided little pieces of advice that have made a huge difference! Thanks again Lisa!

Theo Goodliffe - London

Lisa has been a motivational speaker several times at our wellness events and we always love having Lisa host sessions for our members! They are so insightful and useful and always feel we take away great tips.

Lisa Miss Jones PA - London, Miss Jones

Lisa was guest speaker for our company twice this year. The audience were senior nurses and very important to our business. I was incredibly impresses with Lisa’s ability to judge a group and adapt perfectly. The feedback was brilliant and has opened the door to us building long relationships with the those attending. The content was spot on and I feel sure it will have helped the nurses who have had a really stressful year. I’m hoping that we work together again next year and would recommend her as an inspiring speaker to any company.

Ian Parkinson-Sykes General Manager Trio Healthcare

Lisa is incredible! I use Lisa personally as my life coach and I have recently used her professionally to deliver a workshop to my team of 78 early years educators. Personally, I have come such a long way since seeing Lisa – I don’t think I will ever stop seeing her because I want to keep her in my life forever!! She has taught me so much about myself and the facts of life! After struggling for more than 10 years with mental health issues I am finally seeing a light at the end of what has been a very long and dark tunnel! Professionally – Lisa delivered a 75 minute workshop on how to be your own best friend! She was as awesome as ever and my whole team (78) were very moved and inspired and I received a lot of messages later in the evening thanking me for arranging Lisa to be a guest speaker.. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough, I truly believe everybody needs her in their life!!!

Sam, Little Learners, Corby, Northants

I asked Lisa to visit our workplace in Kingswood Catering Corby to deliver a workshop recently. She spoke to 16 members of our staff , myself included. The workshop was excellent. Lisa is a brilliant speaker with a natural, easy presence that had us all engaged. She was able to hold everyone’s attention for well over an hour and she had some superb tips on how we can be “our own best friends”. The following day our office was buzzing. Lisa was talking to 16 of us but so many of us felt that the workshop had been tailor made “just for us” because we could all relate to the feelings she was highlighting. Lisa’s workshop has since made us talk more to each other something which we all know is vital for strong mental health. If you are an employer or you work in HR I would strongly recommend that give your staff a boost by booking one of Lisa’s presentations.

Julie Belford – Kingswood Catering, Corby, Northants

Not only is Lisa an engaging, funny and knowledgeable inspiring speaker, but she is also the Event Manager’s dream. She is organised, prompt both in person and with administration, and friendly with her communications.

Lisa was a guest speaker for the first time for Ark Group at The Essentials: Employee Engagement Conference and opened the forum with an exciting attitude which set the tone for the day. The delegates were engaged with her tips and tricks for confidence and to self engage, before trying to engage your staff. I’d be happy to work with her again, and recommend her for other public speaker sessions on a variety of topics.

Catherine Shelley, Event Producer at Ark Group, Event and Communications Manager at Intelligent Answers

Lisa was guest speaker at one of our client events on ‘How to be Confident in your Career’. She was an outstanding public speaker, full of energy and had the audience engaged at all times, we received some fantastic feedback from our guests. She was empowering, spoke with humour and on a level you could really connect with. Lisa also had the whole room up on their feet before 8am which is particularly impressive! I would love to have the opportunity to work with Lisa again.

Corinne Wakeford Marketing Manager , Ambition Recruitment

Lisa Phillips is an amazing, vibrant and engaging guest speaker, who was recently commissioned to speak at our annual employee “Health & Wellness Expo”. As our company has used Lisa in the past for our management workshops, Lisa has proven that she can truly capture her audience and speak at ‘their level’; something truly unique to her. Lisa presented to our employees a workshop on resilience, engaging them through activities with a certain panache coupled with her witty sense of humour. Lisa cannot come more highly recommended from our company.

Ryan Dickson, Human Resources Co-ordinator CHPRSL

Lisa has been a guest public speaker at several events for Western Sydney University – Is University 4 You program workshops. The program aims to instil confidence in mature age students to pursue their goals of exploring Higher Education. Lisa has been an amazing asset to the U4U program at Western Sydney University. her down to earth approach teamed with her ‘can do’ attitude has assisted in achieving the message of the conference and allowing our participants to believe that they too have the right to put their goals and selves first!
Personally, Lisa is a kind, thoughtful and relatable women who is able to place all her trials and tribulations on display with confidence to help others move forward and realise that they too can move past their own troubles to be a happier and healthier version of themselves. Thank you Lisa! The program has only grown since you came on board and we appreciate everything you have brought to the program to date and everything you will bring to the program in the future!

Ashlii Lynch, Western Sydney University ' Return to Study' Program Co-0rdinator

Lisa Phillips was recently a guest speaker at a recent networking event I organised at PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) . Lisa spoke about empowerment and growing confidence and she was such an inspiration. Lisa lifted the energy within the first 30 seconds!! Her talk was captivating, energetic and extremely engaging, everyone had such positive feedback on her talk!! Thanks so much for being a guest speaker at our event Lisa!!

Sarah Curby, EA at PWC

I had the pleasure of getting Lisa Phillips involved in “Dani’s self-esteem team” for our National radio show. Her natural talent for public speaking was apparent from the get go but even more so her passion for the message she is trying to spread. She had myself and the rest of the women involved inspired and feeling like it was Ok to love ourselves and put ourselves first. She is enigmatic and I cannot wait for our future projects together. Lisa, I wish you all the best in improving the self-esteems of every woman around the world, I truly believe you have what it takes to do so!”

Dani Pola, Breakfast Radio Host

Lisa Phillips is an outstanding inspiring speaker and presenter with a personality that is sure to engage anyone in the room. I found her professional and courteous manner an absolute pleasure to work with. Lisa loves what she does and it comes through with her work. It is always rewarding being around such a bright force of energy!

Simone Sherwood, Engagement Officer at Local Council.

Lisa presented to our group “Inspiring Women” on How to be a Confident and Empowered Business Woman. The feedback was sensational, Lisa was a big hit- her talk really hit the mark with one attendee saying “she felt more confident already!” Lisa’s presentation style was very authentic, empowering and interactive which held everyone’s attention. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for an inspiring and authentic guest speaker.

Sue Heins, Inspiring Women Conference

Lisa has been guest speaker three times at our conferences, on communication skills, staff empowerment and conflict resolution. Her bubbly and unique style won her the love of our delegates. She managed to deliver a detailed content in an efficient manner and the audience left with clear guidelines relating to the topic at stake. Thank you, Lisa!

Executive Assistant Network

Lisa has been the guest motivational speaker at two conferences I have attended. Lisa instantly captured the audience and motivated and empowered me. She has given me confidence, along with strategies, to feel empowered to make a positive change. I would highly recommend Lisa, she is very ‘real’ and I felt I could really relate to her.

Sarah Curby, Executive Assistant to the Deputy Secretary, Department of Innovation

Thank you so much for being the inspiring speaking at the recent Self Esteem Event! . It was a truly amazing night and we are all so privileged to have to have support from such an amazing and inspiring woman! You have been a total inspiration to all our listeners and of course, Dani and myself. Thank you again.

Alana Hall, Brand and Sponsorship Manager

Lisa was a both enthusiastic and totally engaging in her presentation to a group of ICF Coaches in June! It was refreshing to hear how one can reframe something that we are fearful of and totally flip it on its head! The analogies given were simple and direct and as a Coach myself it was great to be supported throughout out the session and it reaffirmed I am on the right path and doing well.

Vonnie, Leadership Team at the ICF

Lisa was the guest presenter at the International Coaching Federation networking meeting for both new and experienced Life coaches. Her analogy of going both up and down stream was presented with passion, wisdom and care. We were not only able to experience this belief shift for ourselves and evaluate the focus towards our own Life Coaching businesses, but also added a useful tool in our warehouse when working with Clients. Lisa was energetic and full of great examples on how flowing with our downstream will enables us to thrive.

Leigh Morrison, ICF Events

I attended a conference where Lisa was an amazing coach and an amazing guest speaker! Her message was powerful, the examples used were consistent with the message and her presentation was flawless. Highly recommended as a conference speaker and Life Coach.

Ree Murnane, Executive Assistant at Department of Agriculture

Lisa Phillips is so magnetically inspirational in her deliveries… she has a remarkable way of drawing her viewer/public in when public speaking. She is naturally charismatic while delivering hands-on, practical presentations (and one-on-one coaching) which take people on a journey of real inner discovery. Her speaker presentations are enlightening and life changing. I highly recommend Lisa for all forms of developmental presentations from one-on-one coaching to conference speaking.

Sharon Lynne, Executive Director at TV Pro Global

Lisa has been a motivational speaker twice at our conferences, on communication skills and on Empowerment. Her bubbly and unique style won her the love of our delegates. She managed to deliver a detailed content in an efficient manner and the audience left with clear guidelines relating to the topic at stake. Thank you, Lisa!

Marie-Charlotte R., Senior Conference Producer

Are you looking for a fun, practical and key note and motivational speaker? Bring in Lisa Phillips. Lisa provided a professional development session to ISACA Chapter members that received great feedback. She spoke about the importance of goal setting and how your individual plans, mindset and beliefs are critical to attainment of those goals. Whether it’s your career goals or personal goals, Lisa’s got what it takes to make a difference.

David Roche, Strategic planning professional and company director

Lisa spoke to the members of Project Starfish on personal empowerment. Lisa was warm, inspiring, and a joy to listen to. We all got a great deal out of what she had to say, and our daily lives will be enriched as a result.

Amanda Heal, Training and Engagement Manager : Project Starfish

Lisa provided an excellent webinar for FITT members.
The webinar was thought provoking, fluid and most of all inspiring to our members. She has a huge amount of energy and pragmatism, which came across in the session feedback from the attendees was excellent.

Maggie Jackson, Senior Co-ordinator at Females in Information Technology and Telecommunications

Lisa was a recent keynote speaker at an event for the Girl Geek Group which is a networking group for women in the IT sector. Lisa was both engaging and knowledgeable and presented a fantastic talk on “Empowering Women”. Attendees at the event most liked Lisa’s positive message and practical advice. We would love to have Lisa come back and speak at a future event.

Georgi Knox, Girl Geek Group

Lisa is an inspiring Professional Guest Speaker who I had the pleasure to hear speaking about empowerment at a recent Congress. She was engaging, motivational and targeted her presentation to her audience. Highly recommended!

Heather Walsh, Office Professional at CSIRO

Lisa is a wonderful relaxed natural and inspiring keynote speaker. She engages her audience easily and effortlessly. With a wonderful use of humour and a real down to earth style makes her a pleasure to learn from. I would recommend Lisa for key note speaking, as a motivational speaker, training, and of course her core business as an award winning Life coach.

Katrena Friel, Refresh your Thinking

I have worked with Lisa in various capacities both professionally and personally. She is a true gift. She has a wonderful warm, friendly, trusting nature and her genuine care and compassion shines through whatever she sets her mind to.
Her presenting skills on television are testament to this: she’s there to help people understand themselves and in doing so, has such an engaging presence it’s no wonder she keeps getting asked back as a guest for various television segments. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lisa as a very valuable addition to any project, be it print or broadcast media or as a corporate coach and guest presenter.

Rebecca Page, Media and Communications Officer

I attended the Self Esteem Workshop which was organised by 101.3 Sea FM and Lisa Phillips was one of the guest speakers. Normally when someone talks for an hour the speech can be quite drawn out and boring, but Lisa’s combination of humour, honesty and crowd interaction made it so interesting and enjoyable. At the end of the speech I felt uplifted, enlightened with a range of new tools to assist me in leading a happy positive life.

Kelly Drover

Lisa was our keynote speaker at the CPA ‘ Associate Networking Group’ discussion group. Lisa presented with such enthusiasm, humour and zest, there was a fantastic atmosphere in the room. I had a number of members come up to me after her presentation to let me know how much they enjoyed it. We were all able to relate to her talk on confidence and gain some great insights. I would highly recommend using Lisa as a guest speaker and hope to work with her again in the future.

Jessica Bainbridge, Event management and member engagement at CPA

Lisa recently gave a confidence building presentation & workshop as part of our women’s network summer event and it was incredible.

Lisa provided an interactive and engaging session full of advice and tips, adding humour to the workshop with funny anecdotes, while also creating a safe, compassionate space for our attendees to share.

Lisa was a dream to work with throughout, and we have received so much positive feedback on the session with our attendees having lots of helpful takeaways – I would highly recommend her!

Amber Crighton , Corporate Event Organiser Milton Keynes
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I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa, at a CPA Associate Networking Group event. Lisa has a great positive manner in all her dealings, very motivated and connected extremely well with the students of the University of Newcastle, in particular her keynote speech on ‘Building Confidence’ was very well received by all! She has an infectious smile, and is very creative in her presentation style.

Paola Tesolin, Employability Consultant at The University of Newcastle

Lisa recently presented at the CPA ‘Public Practice Annual Forum luncheon’ on resilience and was absolutely fantastic. The topic was relevant for public practitioners and we received a lot of positive feedback from the attendees. Lisa’s keynote speech was both entertaining and informative. Lisa has a wonderful effect on everyone she meets and we can’t wait for her to come back and be our guest speaker again!

CPA Event Manager