Last week I had the pleasure of being engaged to run a Staff Wellness Workshop for Kingswood Catering in Corby, Northants.

I had been approached by the proactive owner of a fabulous Corby based company who was keen to improve staff wellness.   After discussing objectives and staff needs, I decided to offer this company my simple ‘ How to be Your Own Best Friend‘ staff wellness workshop.

One Hour Wellness Workshop

The ‘ How to Be Your Own Best Friend‘  employee wellness workshop is a one hour workhop that can easily be done as a ‘ lunch and learn’ session or after work.   It is ideally placed for all members of staff, from shop floor to Senior Management.  Unlike other wellness workshops,  this workshop will have your staff engaged, laughing and keen to make simple improvements in their life to improve their mental health.   The workshop also includes 10 simple practical tips that your staff can do to take responsibility for their mental health at work.

This is actually my most popular wellness workshop.  Feedback has always been extremely positive! One of the most rewarding parts of my role as a leading Life Coach and Wellness speaker is when people contact me after my workshops.   It is always fabulous to hear that my work  really resonates with the audience and that attendees are already implementing my simple suggesttions.

Mental Health in the Workplace

According to the Health and Safety Executive UK,  over 600,000 employees in the UK are suffering from workplace stress, anxiety or depression.   You can read the full Mental Health at Work White Paper here. 

The good news is that it doesn’t matter how large or small your workplace is, you can help your employees to increase their mental health by investing in wellness initiatives.

A structured  workplace wellness program can help reduce some of the stress in the workplace  Wellness offerings such as stress management classes, on-site meditation groups and chair massages give employees the opportunity to relieve some stress at work.

Lisa Phillips, Award Winning Guest Speaker

Lisa Phillips has over 20 years experience as a Leading Wellness expert and Life Coach.   She has helped numerous organisations to increase the wellness of their staff.   These have included full day resilience initiatives or shorter lunch and learn workshops.  All workshops can be tailored to your organisations individual needs.  Lisa is based in Corby, Northants but travels around the UK providing wellness workshops in organisations.

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Lisa is also a wellness speaker for several cruise lines including Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises and P&O.

She is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book.