Staff wellness, employee wellness or workplace wellbeing is a hot topic at the moment.  Call is what you will, it is a topic which is high on HR’s agenda.

Yesterday, I facilitated an online wellness session for teachers in the Peterborough / Cambridgeshire area as part of the ‘ Return to Work’ programme. Statistics highlighted that happiness and satisfaction at work in Education is under 50%.    In addition,  statistics show that 56.4% of surveyed employees suffer from at least one dimension of work-related stress and 35.1% of employees reported having felt unwell as a consequence of work-related stress.

Staff Wellness Workshops

Staff wellness is really all about building healthier habits that empower staff, teams and organisations to be their happiest, healthiest and most productive selves.  Studies show that employees are more likely to be performing well when they are in optimal health. There are numerous benefits of implementing a wellness program including a healthier workforce in general, less staff absenteeism days, lower staff turnover and increased productivity.

You don’t have to have a large budget or be a major organisation in order to implement a staff wellness program.  I have run 100’s of staff wellness workshops, both in the UK and Australia for both small and large organisations.

Staff Wellness Topics

Whatever your staff wellness needs, I can help!  I offer a range of pre-prepared wellness workshops or can tailor a workshop to your organisations individual needs.    My range of workshops range from 40 mins to a full day program.

One of the most popular topics is ‘ How to be Your Own Best Friend‘ .  This workshop is idea for all employees regardless of their position or industry.      This practical and fun workshops covers the following topics:

  1. What stops you feeling good at work?
  2. How to take responsibility for your workplace wellness
  3. Dealing with stress
  4. Increasing resilience
  5. 10 Tips to be your own best friend.

This workshop is offered both in person and online.

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My experience

I have over 22 years experience delivering workshops and speaking at events.   I am also a cruise ship speaker and have won several awards for my work.    In addition to my own work,   I am also a senior trainer for the YMCA Trinity Group on mental health initiatives.    Recent staff wellbeing workshops have included:

  1. Kingswood Education Catering ( Corby Northants)
  2. Tata Steel  ( Corby, Northamptonshire)
  3. Little Learners Nursery ( Corby and Northampton)
  4. Miss Jones Wellness Summit ( Canary Wharf, London)
  5. Trio Health Care ( Leeds and London)
  6. Confidence expert on  The Love Destination TV.

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