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My Personal Journey into Confidence

My Personal Journey into Confidence As the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ and an award winning Life Coach and Confidence expert, one of the first questions people often ask me is ‘ Have you always been a confident person?’ The short answer is NO! The Truth! My own Personal Journey into Confidence included the following experiences: Being bulled at School Being bullied at Work Spending 5 years in an emotionally abusive relationship A painful Divorce A belief system which was filled with negative beliefs such as : Not [...]

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7 Tips for Building Confidence

7 Tips for Building Confidence In today’s newsletter, I will share with you 7 Tips for Building Confidence.   These 7 Tips for building Confidence will work for anyone, regardless of age, background or how long you may have been suffering from a lack of confidence.  It is important not to struggle to get any of these tips done,  choose a tip that feels good to you first and gently build up your confidence muscle.  No need to push yourself [...]

How to Increase Confidence

How to Increase Confidence – Woman’s Day Magazine

How to Increase  Confidence Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips is often asked by Journalists to provide input to a wide range of articles in both Lifestyle and business magazines, often on her specialist topic of ‘ How to increase Confidence’ Her work has already been featured in magazines such as Woman’s Weekly, Take a Break, Cosmopolitan, Management Today and the International Coaching Federations publication Coaching World.  Lisa often provides expert tips on a wide range of topics including building self esteem, How [...]


Lisa Phillips on The Today Show Extra

Steps to Building Confidence – The Today Show Confidence Coach and Life Coach Lisa Phillips was a guest on The Today Show Extra on 3rd August 2017 talking about the Steps to Building Confidence.    Today Extra (formerly Mornings) is an Australian morning infotainment talk show, hosted by Sonia Kruger and David Campbell. The show airs between 9:00am and 11:30am weekdays on Channel 9 with a highlights program on Saturday mornings. In a live crossover from Westminster in London,  Lisa Phillips, [...]


Do you experience Shortage Consciousness?

Do experience Shortage consciousness or lack? By this I mean, do you believe there is never enough for you or believe that you have to work hard to gain ‘your share’ of money, clients, love or material possessions? If so, you are not alone and shortage consciousness is a topic I regular speak about as a keynote speaker or as a  Life and Confidence Coach. Shortage Consciousness is about your ability to perceive or expect an ongoing flow of wellbeing or [...]