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lacking confidence

Lacking Confidence

Lacking Confidence It doesn’t matter whether you are a Company Director or stay at home mum; lacking confidence can restrict you from moving forward in life. How has your lack of self esteem or lacking confidence held you back?  Has it stopped you asking for that pay rise, putting yourself forward for that great job or has it resulted in someone taking advantage of you or treating you like a doormat? It is easier than you think Building confidence is easier than you [...]

Feeling Needy in Relationships

Rules for Being Human

Rules for being human We all need a little reassurance sometimes! As human beings we really are our own worst enemies.  We beat ourselves up endlessly and pick away at our self esteem and Confidence. I am not sure when I first came across these tips on ‘ Rules for Being Human’ but I thought I would share them with you today.  How do you feel about these ideas? * You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, [...]

How to feel confident

How to Feel Confident

How to Feel Confident Each and every one of us has a unique definition of what confidence personally means to us.  In this article today I will share with you some tips on How to Feel Confident. For some, feeling confident means the ability to stand up in public and speak with ease, and for others, it may be getting naked in front of our partner or simply walking into a crowded room without feeling awkward or blushing from head to [...]

Confidence and Mindfulness

Confidence and Mindfulness

Confidence and Mindfulness Would you like to know about Confidence and Mindfulness?  Then Join Northants Life Coach and Confidence Expert Lisa Phillips at the Mindful Living Festival  in Manchester, UK on Feb 3! Wellness Speaker and Northants  Coach Lisa Phillips will be sharing her expert tips on stage with an inspirational talk about Confidence and Mindfulness.   Lisa is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book ( Exile Publishing)  The Mindful Living Festival is a two day event which [...]

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Confidence Expert in the Media Jan 2018

Lisa Phillips -Confidence Expert in the Media Jan 2018 Happy New Year from Amazing Coaching UK! I have started to regularly update this ‘ What’s new’ page so I can keep you informed of what is happening in the world of Confidence Expert Lisa Phillips.  This information won’t go out in your regular newsletter but please feel free to check in on this page from time to time to see What’s New! This week, I would like to update you on where  [...]

Achiever mindset summit

Free Pass to Achiever Mindset Summit featuring Lisa Phillips

Free Pass – Achiever Mindset Summit I am delighted to share with you that I have partnered with  my friend Geneviève Pépin and 20 other amazing professionals in our upcoming event Your Achiever Mindset: How to Free Yourself from Limits, Increase Productivity and Make Your Goals Your Reality. The Your Achiever Mindset Summit features  myself and many other experts in the fields of business, wealth, productivity and spirituality.   I am personally interviewed in this event and am delighted to be [...]

How to Increase Confidence

How to Increase Confidence – Woman’s Day Magazine

How to Increase  Confidence Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips is often asked by Journalists to provide input to a wide range of articles in both Lifestyle and business magazines, often on her specialist topic of ‘ How to increase Confidence’ Her work has already been featured in magazines such as Woman’s Weekly, Take a Break, Cosmopolitan, Management Today and the International Coaching Federations publication Coaching World.  Lisa often provides expert tips on a wide range of topics including building self esteem, How [...]

How to Get your book publishing as a coach in the ICF Magazine.

International Coaching Federation – How to Get Your Book Published

How to Get Your Book Published as a Coach Accredited and Certified Confidence and Life Coach Lisa Phillips is a regular attendee at events organised by the International Coaching Federation and in 2015, she was nominated for the ‘ NSW Coach of the Year’ award.    The ICF is the network for professional coaches working in business coaching, life coaching, executive coaching, leadership etc. The ICF  represents the highest quality in professional coaching through independent certification and  a worldwide network of credentialed [...]

How to be a more Confident Public Speaker

How to Be a Confident Public Speaker

How to be a Confident Public Speaker.  Prior to writing this article on ‘Confidence in Public Speaking’, I did a quick Google search. As I thought, there are literally thousands of articles and tips on how to be a confident public speaker. However, in my opinion, what many of them lack is what I believe to be the most important thing you can do for yourself when aiming to become a Confident Public Speaker. I also write about this is some depth [...]


Lisa Phillips on The Today Show Extra

Steps to Building Confidence – The Today Show Confidence Coach and Life Coach Lisa Phillips was a guest on The Today Show Extra on 3rd August 2017 talking about the Steps to Building Confidence.    Today Extra (formerly Mornings) is an Australian morning infotainment talk show, hosted by Sonia Kruger and David Campbell. The show airs between 9:00am and 11:30am weekdays on Channel 9 with a highlights program on Saturday mornings. In a live crossover from Westminster in London,  Lisa Phillips, [...]