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How to Increase Confidence

How to Increase Confidence – Woman’s Day Magazine

How to Increase  Confidence Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips is often asked by Journalists to provide input to a wide range of articles in both Lifestyle and business magazines, often on her specialist topic of ‘ How to increase Confidence’ Her work has already been featured in magazines such as Woman’s Weekly, Take a Break, Cosmopolitan, Management Today and the International Coaching Federations publication Coaching World.  Lisa often provides expert tips on a wide range of topics including building self esteem, How [...]

How to be a more Confident Public Speaker

How to Be a Confident Public Speaker

How to be a Confident Public Speaker.  Prior to writing this article on ‘Confidence in Public Speaking’, I did a quick Google search. As I thought, there are literally thousands of articles and tips on how to be a confident public speaker. However, in my opinion, what many of them lack is what I believe to be the most important thing you can do for yourself when aiming to become a Confident Public Speaker. I also write about this is some depth [...]