14 05, 2021

Why Your Life is Like a Flowing Stream

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4 02, 2020

Your Personal Stream of Happiness

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In my work as a TV Confidence Expert, award winning Life Coach and Cruise Ship speaker,  I often refer to a philosophy of your ‘Personal Stream of Happiness’. If you are familiar with my work, you will know I often compare  Life as being like a canoe on a flowing stream.    Each one of us has our own canoe floating on a stream.  [...]

14 01, 2020

Harry and Meghan

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Unless you are blissfully unaware of the media,  you will no doubt have heard the news about Harry and Meghan. I must be honest,  I avoid the mainstream news as much as possible, but this latest news about the Royal Couple really peaked my interest.   Well, other peoples reactions to it anyway. I find peoples reactions fascinating to the news that Harry [...]

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