9 04, 2021

5 ways to heal your Inner Child

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The inner child is the part of us which is unhealed from emotional wounds and traumas caused in our childhood.   The inner child never goes away and lives in our unconscious mind.   It is our inner child that influences how we live our lives and our emotional wellbeing.  In todays blog, I will share with you ' 5 ways to heal your inner [...]

26 02, 2021

Inner Child Coaching

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Working with your Inner Child In my opinion, inner child coaching is one of the most transformational processes that you learn in order to heal your unconscious wounds, self sabotaging patterns and negative beliefs.   It is also a beautiful process which helps to to put your head and heart into pure alignment.  Inner Child coaching ensures that you  move forward into a healthy [...]

5 02, 2021

Healing your Inner Child

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In my opinion,  healing your inner child is an important part of regaining your true authentic self.   I use inner child therapy regularly in my life coaching sessions when supporting my clients to heal trauma,  regain their power and integrate new healthy ways of behaviour.   I also offer specific inner child coaching. Healing your Inner Child. Each one of us has our own [...]

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