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My Personal Journey into Confidence

My Personal Journey into Confidence As the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ and an award winning Life Coach and Confidence expert, one of the first questions people often ask me is ‘ Have you always been a confident person?’ The short answer is NO! The Truth! My own Personal Journey into Confidence included the following experiences: Being bulled at School Being bullied at Work Spending 5 years in an emotionally abusive relationship A painful Divorce A belief system which was filled with negative beliefs such as : Not [...]

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7 Tips for Building Confidence

7 Tips for Building Confidence In today’s newsletter, I will share with you 7 Tips for Building Confidence.   These 7 Tips for building Confidence will work for anyone, regardless of age, background or how long you may have been suffering from a lack of confidence.  It is important not to struggle to get any of these tips done,  choose a tip that feels good to you first and gently build up your confidence muscle.  No need to push yourself [...]