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1 06, 2023

Focus on what you want

By |2024-03-01T10:55:07+00:00June 1st, 2023|Newsletters|Comments Off on Focus on what you want

Do you focus on what you want or.....what you don't want? To assist you to train your thoughts in the right direction, lets use the simple analogy of two water wells. The first well has no water in it.  It is filled with thoughts, people, situations and feelings about your past.  This well is overflowing with  pain, people who have hurt you, situations [...]

26 11, 2021

Your Point of Attraction

By |2022-03-09T03:00:03+00:00November 26th, 2021|Newsletters|Comments Off on Your Point of Attraction

A walk with friends Imagine  you are walking down the street with a few of your friends.  Did you know that each of you will have a  different experience? This experience will be dependant on your personal point of attraction.    If your point of attraction is high ( or downstream)  you will attract more things to feel good about.   Everyone you [...]

26 08, 2021

A Brand New You Each and Every Day

By |2022-03-09T03:05:40+00:00August 26th, 2021|Newsletters|Comments Off on A Brand New You Each and Every Day

Every Morning when you wake up, not only is it a new day.  Although you may look exactly the same on the outside – your point of attraction or vibration, is in a new ‘set point’ ready for you to attract what you want (or what you don’t want!. Many of us know about the Law of Attraction and the fact ‘that [...]

10 06, 2021

Do you experience Shortage Consciousness?

By |2022-03-09T03:25:27+00:00June 10th, 2021|Newsletters|Comments Off on Do you experience Shortage Consciousness?

Do you believe there is never enough for you?  Are you always worried about money?  Do you hold the belief that  you have to work hard to gain 'your share' of money, clients, love or material possessions? Shortage Consciousness is about your ability to perceive or expect an ongoing flow of wellbeing or good things to flow into your life on a [...]

18 02, 2021

Is your world friendly?

By |2022-03-09T05:42:05+00:00February 18th, 2021|Newsletters|Comments Off on Is your world friendly?

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” - Albert Einstein your world friendly?  Einstein stated this this was the most important question to ask humanity. The good news is that you get to decide. You can choose whether to view the world as a friendly place or to view it [...]

12 02, 2021

Are you working too hard?

By |2022-03-09T05:47:29+00:00February 12th, 2021|Newsletters|Comments Off on Are you working too hard?

For many of us,  we have had it drummed into us from an early age that we have to work hard to get what we want in life.     We often feel proud when we work long hours and wear a badge of honour for pushing ourselves until the point of exhaustion.  Social media is filled with advice such as ' You [...]

9 10, 2020

The Law of Attractions is not Working!

By |2022-03-09T09:59:38+00:00October 9th, 2020|Newsletters|Comments Off on The Law of Attractions is not Working!

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone complained to me ‘ The Law of Attraction isn’t working’!  or ‘ Where is the money, relationship, career that I have been asking for - Where is my stuff!!!!!’ For those of you how are not familiar with the Law of attraction, it is really simple,   ‘ That which it’s like [...]

15 03, 2020

Coronavirus and The Law of Attraction

By |2022-03-09T11:59:44+00:00March 15th, 2020|Newsletters|Comments Off on Coronavirus and The Law of Attraction

It is fair to say that Coronavirus fear is spreading quickly around our world.  In this weeks Amazing Coaching blog,  I would like to share my tips on Coronavirus and the law of attraction, and specifically how you can use it to give extra protection to you and your loved ones during these uncertain times. What is the Law of Attraction? Simple [...]

1 09, 2019

Give up Positve Thinking

By |2022-03-09T12:53:23+00:00September 1st, 2019|Newsletters|Comments Off on Give up Positve Thinking

Society is always telling us to think positively  - so why do I think it is a good idea to GIVE UP POSITIVE THINKING! There are several key reasons to give up positive thinking. These include: Positive thinking only reaches your brain stem - Not your Body or emotions.   In fact, it only reaches approx. 41% of your entire body. It [...]


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