27 11, 2020

Shadow Beliefs

By |2021-04-29T17:56:46+10:00November 27th, 2020|Newsletters|Comments Off on Shadow Beliefs

Back in 2007,  I attended two week long "Shadow Belief"  workshops.  These were held in the world renowned Omega Institute in New York and also in San Diego USA.   Both were facilitated by Debbie Ford. I have continued to use transformational Shadow belief work in my Life Coaching sessions.  This is deep transformational work originally founded by Carl Jung.    Shadow beliefs are [...]

11 09, 2020

The Lies You Believe About Yourself

By |2020-09-07T20:43:55+10:00September 11th, 2020|Newsletters|Comments Off on The Lies You Believe About Yourself

If you have been on the receiving end of hearing some yucky things  about yourself, e.g. that you are worthless, not good enough or not confident enough etc,  the chances are these are lies that you still believe about yourself.  These are your negative beliefs and old outdating programming. Most of the time we are not even conscious of what our negative beliefs [...]

7 08, 2020

Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

By |2020-11-30T19:55:38+11:00August 7th, 2020|Newsletters|Comments Off on Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

Let me explain why Positive Thinking doesn't work.   Or should I say, it doesn't work effectively, easily or quickly unless you match your positive thoughts with a corresponding elevated emotion or feeling in your body. 22 years ago  I started my own Personal Development journey and launched www.amazingcoaching.com.au  .  At this point, it was all about the  benefits of positive thinking. Things move [...]

24 04, 2020

Do you feel Not Good Enough?

By |2020-11-30T19:58:46+11:00April 24th, 2020|Newsletters|Comments Off on Do you feel Not Good Enough?

The idea  of feeling ' Not good enough' is one of the most common negative beliefs that we have as a human race.  If only I had a dollar for every time I had helped someone with this belief during my Life Coaching sessions! Deep down  down, in the depth of our minds, most of us feel that in some way, that we [...]

21 01, 2020

Writing Letters to your Inner Child

By |2021-04-12T21:44:09+10:00January 21st, 2020|Newsletters|Comments Off on Writing Letters to your Inner Child

Writing letters to your inner child is extremely healing.  It also gives your beautiful inner child the opportunity to be heard and feel acknowledged for unprocessed pain. Inside of us all is our own little wounded inner child.  It is the part of you that feels  hurt, trauma and pain from our childhood which has yet to be healed.   We may try [...]

10 09, 2019

Your Inner Gremlin

By |2020-08-18T23:38:59+10:00September 10th, 2019|Newsletters|Comments Off on Your Inner Gremlin

Your inner gremlin is the voice of your negative belief system.  It is that annoying voice in your head that keeps telling you that you are wrong, you are not good enough, not worthy or not ' up to it'.  Most of the time, it is your own personal critic in your mind telling you what you should and shouldn't do. We all [...]

9 07, 2019

How to Release Negative Thoughts

By |2020-08-18T23:26:50+10:00July 9th, 2019|Newsletters|Comments Off on How to Release Negative Thoughts

Experiencing negative thoughts is part of being human.   However, we do have a choice to how much we allow negative thoughts to impact our life. Many people believe that they have no control over the thoughts they think.   This is simply not true.  Negative thoughts are just habits of thinking that we have just got used to replaying over and over [...]

9 11, 2017

Free yourself from Negative Emotions

By |2020-08-18T21:40:46+10:00November 9th, 2017|Newsletters|Comments Off on Free yourself from Negative Emotions

With the new year  nearly upon us,  take a few minutes today to focus on the main or dominant emotions that you felt during 2017.  Was your year filled with lots of positive emptions such as happiness, joy, satisfaction and …

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