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5 Tips to build self esteem

5 Tips to Build Your Self Esteem

5 Tips to Build your Self Esteem 1)      Our first tip to build  self-esteem is first to  buy yourself a nice notebook or diary . Then each day, commit to writing something nice about yourself in it.    Self-esteem comes from the inside so it’s important to build up a positive view of yourself from the inside out.   Most people find it much easier to say something negative about themselves so you may find it a bit difficult at [...]

Northamptonshire Workplace wellness speaker

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness Workplace wellness is a hot topic at the moment around the world.   The number of employee absentee days taken due to ill health are on the increase and job satisfaction is on the decrease. The good news is that research is proving  that with just a little bit more effort, organisations can increase the workplace wellbeing of their staff and improve staff resilience, happiness at work and productivity.    Not only does this boost the organisations employees , [...]

Let go of Negative Emotions

Let go of Negative Emotions in the New Year

Let go of Negative Emotions in the New Year 2017 has been a big year for Amazing Coaching!  I started 2017 as a Sydney Life and Confidence Coach, and now I am a Northamptonshire based Life Coach, Confidence Coach and motivational speaker! I must be honest,  moving back to the UK was a difficult decision and it has taken some positive momentum to get my business up and running in the UK.   However, the good news is that although I [...]