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Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness Workplace wellness is a hot topic at the moment around the world.   The number of employee absentee days taken due to ill health are on the increase and job satisfaction is on the decrease. The good news is that research is proving  that with just a little bit more effort, organisations can increase the workplace wellbeing of their staff and improve staff resilience, happiness at work and productivity.    Not only does this boost the organisations employees , [...]

Northants Life and Confidence Coach

The Confidence Coach on BBC Radio Northampton

Northants Confidence Coach on BBC Radio Northampton Recently returned to Northamptonshire after being based in Sydney,  Australia for over 18 years ,  Motivational Speaker, Author and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips is delighted to be asked to return to Northants to  speak about her book ‘ The Confidence Coach’ on BBC Radio Northampton.   Northamptonshire based Lisa, will be on the Helen Blaby Show on Thursday July 20th at 1.05pm.   Lisa is an award winning Northants Life Coach, Confidence Coach [...]