15 01, 2021

5 Self Care Tips

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Learning how to take care of yourself is a popular topic.  However, in my experience, many of us do not understand what REAL self care is.    It is far much more than a manicure!  In this weeks Amazing Coaching newsletter,  I will share my top 5 Self Care Tips.    The truth is that real self care is far more than booking [...]

23 10, 2020

It is OK to upset people!

By |2020-10-23T21:04:13+11:00October 23rd, 2020|Newsletters|Comments Off on It is OK to upset people!

So many of us fear upsetting other people.   We have been brought up to be ' good girls' or that we should never do or say something that may upset other people.   However, this belief comes at a cost. When we believe that it is not ok to upset people,  we fear speaking up,  telling our truth or honouring our own emotions.    [...]

14 11, 2019

Internal Self Care

By |2020-08-19T00:01:06+10:00November 14th, 2019|Newsletters|Comments Off on Internal Self Care

Do you practice inner self care? We are always being advised to look after our own ' self care'.  However, what does Self Care mean to you?  Do you practice inner self care or just external self care? If I ask my Life Coaching clients how they practice self care in their lives, they often respond with answers such as : • I [...]

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