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Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome – Fabulous Magazine

Do you have Imposter Syndrome? It seems to be a buzz word at the moment with people feeling that they feel like a fraud – whether it is at work, in relationships or generally around other people. Northamptonshire based author, public speaker and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips was recently interviewed on Imposter Syndrome for Fabulous Magazine ( The Sun Newspaper UK). You can read the full article here How to banish imposter syndrome at work, with your friends and in your relationship Lisa Phillips [...]

what do you do when you are sick

What do you do when you are Sick?

What do you do when you are Sick? As I am writing this article today on ‘ What do you do when you are sick’ , I am tucked up in bed in my new PJ’s.  ( Note, does anyone else insist on new PJ’s when they are sick?!) I have set myself a small target of catching up on emails and writing this blog.  Then, once complete,  I will rest my both my mind and body by having a nap.  [...]