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Soothe Yourself Into Confidence

Soothe Yourself Into Confidence As an award winning Life Coach and Confidence Speaker, I have written many articles in the media about the importance of learning to soothe yourself into  confidence.  I am not a fan of ‘ fake it until you make it’ and have found when coaching clients, that there is a far easier way. A way which feels downstream, in alignment with who you really are and your authentic self. Many of us have not been taught to [...]

self soothing

Start Self Soothing!

Self Soothing Learning to soothe yourself  with your feelings and thoughts is an important practice both for children and adults.   It helps you  feel more confident, release negative emotions and it  gives relief from fear. It also helps you move downstream from negative emotion, into positive emotion.   The art of self soothing is under rated but it is an important skill I use with my Life Coaching and Confidence Coaching clients. Sadly, most of us were not taught from [...]