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What is wrong with me!

What is Wrong with ME?

What is Wrong with ME? A blog by UK Professional Speaker and Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips ( Northants, London, Peterborough, Leicestershire and Midlands areas).  I wish I had a pound for every time someone came into my Confidence and Life Coaching Office and asked “What is Wrong with ME!” Speaking from my heart, there are not many of us on this planet who don’t think we have something wrong with us. In fact, many of us believe we have some [...]

Amazing Life Coaching wins blog award

Press Release – Amazing Coaching Awarded 100 Life Coaching Blog

Amazing Life Coaching Awarded 100 Life Coaching Blog  You may not know this but Lisa Phillips, in addition to being a qualified and accredited London and North ants Life and Confidence Coach is also a qualified Journalist.  Since a small child Lisa loved to write which is why she was so delighted to have her book ‘ The Confidence Coach’  picked up by Publishing Company Exile Publishing. http://www.amazingcoaching.com.au/product/the-confidence-coach/ We have also found out today that the Amazing Coaching blog has been [...]