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Feeling Needy in Relationships

Rules for Being Human

Rules for being human We all need a little reassurance sometimes! As human beings we really are our own worst enemies.  We beat ourselves up endlessly and pick away at our self esteem and Confidence. I am not sure when I first came across these tips on ‘ Rules for Being Human’ but I thought I would share them with you today.  How do you feel about these ideas? * You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, [...]

Free Confidence Workshop

Free Confidence Workshop in Corby, Northants

Free Confidence Workshop Corby, Northants In conjunction with Corby Council, Award winning Celebrity Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips will be running a FREE Confidence workshop at The Old Village Community Centre , High Street Corby on 14 September at 6.15pm.   The workshop will assist people of all ages to increase their self confidence, self belief and self esteem. The author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ Lisa Phillips was born in Corby and has just returned to the local area after living [...]

Northants Life and Confidence Coach


Northants Life and Confidence Coach on BBC Radio Northampton Did you miss Lisa Phillips, The Confidence Coach on BBC Radio Northampton last week?    Author, Speaker and Award Winning Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips was delighted to be interviewed on the Helen Blaby show on BBC Radio Northampton during July 2017. Lisa is no stranger to being interviewed and has also appeared numerous times on Breakfast TV.  She is also the author of The Confidence Coach Book. After re-locating from Corby to Sydney [...]

Confidence Book

Confidence Coach Book in the UK Media

Confidence Book in UK Media Many of you who have followed Motivational Speaker and Confidence Coach Lisa’s work in Australia, will know that she received some fantastic reviews of her book ‘ The Confidence Coach’ in the media.  Reviews ranged from Psychology Magazines,  Ladies in Racing Magazine to Good Reads.  If you would like to read any of the reviews on her Confidence Book please see here  The Confidence Coach ( Exisle Publishing) is the perfect book if you doubt your [...]

Northants Life and Confidence Coach

The Confidence Coach on BBC Radio Northampton

Northants Confidence Coach on BBC Radio Northampton Recently returned to Northamptonshire after being based in Sydney,  Australia for over 18 years ,  Motivational Speaker, Author and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips is delighted to be asked to return to Northants to  speak about her book ‘ The Confidence Coach’ on BBC Radio Northampton.   Northamptonshire based Lisa, will be on the Helen Blaby Show on Thursday July 20th at 1.05pm.   Lisa is an award winning Northants Life Coach, Confidence Coach [...]


It is OK to be a Glass Half Empty Person – Sometimes!

Glass Half Empty? We are human beings and it is natural to feel negative emotions from time to time .  But how much of the time is your Glass Half Empty? I think it is fair to say that on occasion, many of us often struggle to find any positive in life or everyday situations Many of you will know that I recently re-located from Australia to Northampton shire, UK.   To coincide with my move back to the UK,  I also [...]

Feel Negative?

Feel Negative? It is all about Focus

Feel Negative  A blog by award winning Confidence Coach and Motivational Speaker, Lisa Phillips. We are human beings and it is natural to feel negative from time to time . However, it is fair to say that on occasion, many of us often struggle to feel positive in any area of our lives!.  Many of you will know that I recently re-located from Australia to Northamptonshire, UK.  I was born in Northants and it is great to be back.  To coincide with my move back [...]

How to feel confident

Gaining Positive Momentum Each Morning

 Feeling Good Each Morning How would you like to wake up feeling good each morning?  When we sleep, our beliefs, thoughts and feelings all re-set  and our vibration ( or what we attract in life) is also renewed. As a result, if want to experience a good day for yourself each and every day, you need to choose to leave the previous day behind and gently focus on feeling good each.morning on creating a new day for yourself that will [...]

Sustaining positive emotions

Sustaining Positive Emotions!

How to Sustain Positive Emotions Think back over the past few weeks – what felt good to you?  What made you laugh or smile? Was it that feeling of getting a new client, getting the kids off to school on time, or was it that satisfied feeling of getting a job well done? Maybe it was just grabbing a few peaceful minutes to yourself to watch TV or go out for a walk with your dog or family? Maybe you enjoyed [...]

Becoming more resilient

How to become a More Resilient Person

How to Become  More Resilient Speaking and coaching on the topic of how to become more resilient is one of my favourite things to do! I am always delighted when I am engaged  to run a workshop for an organisation or speak at a company wellbeing event on the topic of Building Resilience for employees or how to become a more resilient person.  Learning how to become more resilient  impacts everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a stay at home mum, an aged [...]