The Confidence Coach Book UK

Are you looking to purchase a copy of Lisa’s book The Confidence Coach in the UK?  Published by Exile Publishing, the Confidence Coach by Lisa Phillips is available internationally both in paper back and e-book version.

What is the Confidence Coach book?

Written in Lisa’s humorous and relaxed style,  The Confidence Coach book is the perfect companion for anyone who struggles with confidence or self esteem.

Chapters include:

  1. Why you struggle with confidence
  2. Removing old programming which stops you feeling confident
  3. Feeling safe to make changes
  4. People pleasing and the need to be liked by others people
  5. How to Value yourself
  6. Beliefs which prevent confidence
  7. Relationship and Career Confidence
  8. Dealing with bullies
  9. Being a confident public speaker
  10. Body Image Confidence

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Where can I buy a copy of The Confidence Coach UK?

The Confidence Coach UK is available in all good book shops.   It is also recommended reading in the Daily Telegraph and Australia’s self esteem initiative.

You can also purchase your copy at the following online book shops:–Take-Control-of-Your-Life-and-Wellbeing/17362857

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Author of The Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips.

Now based in the UK,  Lisa Phillips is one of Australia’s most experienced Life Coaches and Confidence Coaches.  Her work featured regularly in the media.  Lisa has won several awards for her work in helping people increase confidence.  To find out more, please see


The Confidence Coach book uk