The Confidence Coach book by Lisa Phillips

The Confidence Coach Book by Lisa Phillips

The Confidence coach Take Control of Your Life and Wellbeing

Confidence — a crucial ingredient for success in so many areas of life, whether at work, in relationships or simply getting out there and enjoying yourself. Confidence coach Lisa Phillips knows that confidence is really ‘an inside job’, and that by adopting the right mindset and learning a few tricks, people can release the fears and blockages that may have previously held them back. Written in Lisa’s trademark warm and humorous style, The Confidence Coach will enable you to open the door to the life you want. Case studies are included throughout as well as practical exercises and Top Tips for unlocking your inner confidence.

  • Written by one of Australia’s most inspiring empowerment experts, this is a clear, concise guide to developing self-confidence in all facets of life.
  • Case studies illustrate the effectiveness of Lisa’s techniques across both genders, all age groups and in both professional and personal environments.
  • Top Tips at the end of each chapter provide an easy reference for later use.
  • Practical exercises enable readers to discover the fears and blockages that might be holding them back, and then move past them.