A very important part of my coaching process is helping people identify and use the Photocopier of life.  This is a simple analogy I use when supporting to clients to heal re-occurring patterns of behaviour in their life.

The Law of Attraction and the Photocopier of Life

Many of us are familiar with the sayings ‘ What you put into life you get back‘ or ‘ What you believe you receive‘.  These phrases are often used to sell the benefit of positive thinking and when using the philosophy of the law of attraction.

The thing is,  Life is really reacting more to what is going on inside of you, rather than just your thoughts alone.  In actual fact, you are receiving in your life, a mirror of copy ( or a photocopy!)  of whatever you are feeling, believing or thinking.

So why The Photocopier?

Imagine that we took a photocopy of you.   Lets imagine we put YOU in the photocopier of life – head first!  Just like any other photocopier, the photocopier of life would copy you – but in this instance, it wouldn’t just  copy the external you – it would copy the internal you.  Everything you believe about yourself and your feelings, unmet needs and childhood wounds. 

For example, let’s just say deep down you have a belief that you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH.    This belief gets fed into the photocopier of life and creates a mirror or copy of this in your outer experience.   As a result, you will keep experiencing people or situations that reinforce the belief that you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Another example is believing that you always have a shortage of money in your life or a even a shortage of love.  Again, this negative belief gets fed into the photocopier of life and as a result, you consistently experience lack or shortage in these areas.

This becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and the more it happens, the more we think, believe or feel this way!

The Good News…..

By using the adage of the photocopier of life, you can identify what is going on in your outer life, and work backwards to change it into what you really want.  If you change what is going in – you will change what is coming out!

For example, if you want more love and respect in your life, you need to start feeding these feelings into the photocopier.  This means you would gently start to re-program your mind and body to feel respected and loved.

Another example could be that you are fed up with your people pleasing behaviours in your life.  By identifying this through the photocopier of life,  you can work to re-program these old patterns.  This may include:

  • Inner Child healing to re-parent your inner child into looking after their own needs more
  • Gently focussing your thoughts and feelings into FEELING how good it would be to look after your own happiness rather than putting other peoples happiness first
  • Focussing on the feeling of being free from what other people think of you.

Lisa Phillips – Northants Life Coaching

With over 22 years international experience,   Lisa Phillips is an award winning Confidence expert, Life Coach and Law of attraction Coach.

Due to her expertise, her work is frequently featured in the media.   Lisa is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book and the current Confidence Coach on The Love Destination.

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