When working with my Life Coaching clients, whether it is in Northamptonshire, Sydney or via Online Coaching, , I often share my adage that Life works in just the same way as a Photocopier!

Many of us are familiar with the sayings ‘ What you put into life you get back‘ or ‘ What you believe you receive‘.  These phrases are often used to sell the benefit of positive thinking and also when setting goals and/ or achieving what you want in life.

The thing is,  Life is really reacting more to what is going on inside of you, than just your thoughts alone.  In actual fact, you are receiving in your life, a mirror of copy of whatever you are feeling, believing or thinking.

So why The Photocopier?

If we were to take you and stick you head first into a photocopier – it wouldn’t just be your physical body that was copied, it would be everything that you are feeling, believing and thinking both in your conscious and unconscious mind.  That includes all the negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings you may have about yourself, life and also other people.

Let’s just say deep down you have a belief that you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH.    This belief gets fed into the photocopier of life and creates a mirror or copy of this in your outer experiences.   As a result, you will keep experiencing people or situations that reinforce the belief that you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Another example is believing that you always have a shortage of money in your life or a shortage of love.  This information from your body gets fed into the photocopier and as a result, you live your life always experiencing a shortage of money or love.

This becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and the more it happens, the more we think, believe or feel this way!

The Good News…..

By using the adage of the photocopier, you can identify what is going on in your outer life, and work backwards to change what you are feeling into your own photocopier.   For example, if you want more love and respect in your life, you need to start feeding these feelings into the photocopier.  Simple eh?

I use this process in many of my Life Coaching sessions, whether they are face to face or via skype.

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