Take a few minutes to look back over the past week.   What things, people, situations were your little irritations in life?  I don’t mean the big issues,  I mean those little irritations that you keep putting off or meaning to do but you don’t seem to ever get round to doing them!

Is it that drawer in your kitchen that is overflowing or the lack of storage space in your cupboards?  Is it a missing button on your favourite jacket or perhaps that client that keeps paying your invoices late every month?  What do you have going on in your life that irritates you every time you think about it?

My Growing ‘ To Do’ List

I’ve been really busy recently. I have been working on a new book, updating my Amazing Coaching and Speaker website and working on some new Group Coaching sessions.     As a result’ my ‘ To Do’ list was just getting bigger and bigger.  Although it wasn’t any major stuff, they were big enough to cause me to do a ‘ work around’ or feel frustration every time I thought about them!

My own list of those little irritations in life included:

• Something was stuck in my filing cabinet and the door was stuck
• A sock had got stuck behind my radiator

• My wardrobe doors were broken and kept falling off their hinges
• The bathroom had a wobbly tap

•The settings on my laptop needed updating

Now, I recognise these little irritations  are not life threating! However,  the truth is they were annoying me and also draining me of my energy. Every time I went to get something out from my wardrobe, a drawer would nearly fall on my feet and I also couldn’t see very well in the dim light in my office. Every day the same things would irritate me but as I was busy, I didn’t take the time to sort them out.  And so the cycle of irritation continued every single day!

Taking Action

One morning however, I decided it was time to prioritize my own wellbeing take some action.   These irritations were causing me to go upstream! Rather than allowing these little irritations in life to annoy me  any further, I took 60 minutes out of my schedule to get these outstanding tasks done. I borrowed a ladder to fix the light bulb, asked a friend to assist with the dodgy wardrobe and called the plumber to sort out the tap. The good news is not only did all the little tasks get fixed but I felt a real sense of accomplishment and also, no more irritation!

This may sound obvious but we often procrastinate on the little things which if sorted, would really make us feel much better. We continue getting frustrated or annoyed at something (or even someone) rather than taking back our power and doing something about it.

This week, write a list of all those little tasks that ‘you keep meaning to do’ and spend at least 60 minutes getting them sorted.  I promise you will feel better!

Award Winning Life Coach and Guest Speaker

Previously based in Sydney, Australia,   Lisa Phillips is currently based in Corby Northants.  The leading Life Coach and Confidence expert provides face to face, online / Skype Coaching and Group Coaching sessions.  Lisa is the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ book and is a regular guest speaker on Cruise Ships.

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