Hi, my name is Sara, I took part in one of Lisa’s group Life Coaching Group sessions last year in 2019 when I moved back to Corby, Northamptonshire from Brighton. A time which presented many difficult transitional challenges for me. I just really want to leave a message to tell future participants how invaluable I found the experience, and the amazing lessons I learnt by taking part! Patience was a key part of my personal growth, and trusting in the universe, only a couple of months on, and during this crazy global crisis I am genuinely grateful for the words of wisdom and faith she instilled in us, I understand exactly what I can achieve now.

Lisa attracts inspiring people into her world and I am blessed to have met so many friendly and like-minded people as a part of the workshops.

I really lacked self-confidence. But Lisa makes you feel like the possibilities are endless in a very safe and positive place

Sara – Northamptonshire

Life in perspective was never going well, insecure, unconfident in my own abilities, always looking for that approval from people and becoming a people pleaser was dragging me down. Never wanting to get out of bed in the morning and hating my job. Living in my past years of abuse and self-doubt I had to do something to improve my mood and find the person I used to be,
I found that Lisa had moved back to the UK and was doing her work locally. I took the plunge and attended a 6-week Life Coaching course. After week one I was on my way to a better lifestyle and commitment to myself.

As the weeks passed, I found myself listening to my own feelings and putting me first, something a lot of us don’t realise we are doing, always willing to help other and forgetting about who really matters, Us We matter! If we don’t take care of us, we can’t take care of anyone else.

Lisa’s Life Coaching has given me back my “me time” my time to shine and my time to believe in me.

I am full of confidence and get up every morning and enjoy going to my job, the same Job I had back then, I look at it with a different view and I love it.

I urge you that if you find yourself struggling with any aspect of Life be it Work, Family, Home, Confidence, Self Esteem, Anxiety or just the daily grind you would not go wrong in seeking the help of Lisa Phillips.

Thank you, Lisa, for getting me back on track and realising that I am not the only person out there struggling with this life.

K – London

I was delighted to give this training testimonial for Lisa Phillips. She gave a very engaging motivational presentation on being your own best friend. Being upbeat and personable, she drew her audience in, giving them the confidence to participate through her willingness to share her own past difficulties with confidence and self-belief. Her tips for overcoming negative thinking are invaluable. Lisa provided a real feel good factor for the wellness event.

Jane, Leicestershire

I met Lisa when she was a motivational guest speaker at London Wellness Summit recently and this was by far the best. Lisa quickly interacted with those in the room and had us quickly engaged and interested. She has great energy, an ability to ‘connect’ with the core issues that affect each of us in different ways as well as offer some great tips and tricks to takeaway and practice. The quick follow-up interaction a day or two later to ask how I was getting on… very generous and appreciated. Thank you, I have a feeling we’ll be keeping in touch!

Sarah, London

This has been the most enjoyable training course I have ever attended! Lisa is engaging, knowledgeable, interesting and professional.

Teaching Assistant, Leicestershire
A very good course facilitated by an experienced, knowledgeable and understanding trainer. Lisa has been great and all the participants felt safe to open up.
Secondary School Teacher, Cambridgeshire

For over a year, I have been a member of an Advanced Coaching Group led by Lisa on monthly zoom sessions.

It has been a great learning experience, insightful and enlightening. It is wonderful to share and grow with like-minded people and draw on Lisa’s amazing knowledge and skills.

Lisa has a warm, caring, friendly, engaging, fun personality. Very insightful, authentic and empathetic – a true way shower & guiding light.

An amazing lady, experienced in the areas of Life Coaching, Wellness, Self-Development, Confidence Coaching, motivational speaking and much more; whether it is one-to-one , to groups, or to businesses.

Lisa has helped me immensely to reconnect with my true self and my inner child, helping me to heal and grow.

Tom , Northamptonshire

Lisa style had real appeal. She was genuine and engaging, providing useful techniques and strategies that were implemented immediately!

Danielle Stanway, Staff Empowerment Services Manager, St Augustine’s College

Lisa Phillips has exceptional interpersonal skills, which are complimented by her “coaching and training skills. These skills were demonstrated over and over again, which resulted in her being continually recognised by executive management. If you are reading this training testimonial, I highly recommend you book Lisa for your event!

Ken Doughty, Senior Manager ANZ Bank

Lisa Phillips is vibrant, enthusiastic and expresses so much passion in all that she does. Lisa displays a more than positive vibe to drive people to excel in what they do best.
Our Organisation had the wonderful privilege of meeting Lisa and having her facilitate a strategic planning day for future growth. Our day was filled with encouragement, great humour, understanding and drive to push the whole group forward into creating a better team work ethic. I would recommend Lisa to any organisation who are looking for creative, professional and effective methods for their team building and organisational strategic plans.

Karen Rybczynski, L&D Coordinator

Lisa recently delivered a workshop and networking lunch to a group of our small business clients. Our organisation runs over 100 events per year and the feedback we received from Lisa’s event rated as one of the highest we had that year! . Lisa was extremely easy to work with in the organisation stage and was a great source of information and inspiration to the attendees. Some of the comments left by the attendees included ” Lisa was amazing – thank you for your level of thoughtful help and insight into success” . “Lisa is a brilliant motivational speaker, lots of fun and talks a great deal of sense”.

Amanda Hampshire, Events Manager, Business Enterprise Centre Sydney

Lisa was recommended by a former colleague and from the moment I spoke with her I could tell she was passionate about helping others with their goals and growth. Lisa is dynamic, and her knowledge is current and relevant. The feedback from my students was consistently high – they loved her and her teaching methods. I have no hesitation at all of recommending Lisa for coaching, training or motivational speaking across any business field for any audience. I will definitely work with her again when the opportunity arises.

Deb Turney, Executive Assistant (to CEO) at Management Consultancy International

Lisa Phillips is an outstanding trainer with a positive outlook on life, her extensive knowledge and presentation of business and marketing sectors, has captured my attention and motivated me to excel in my swimwear business SAN TAYLOR

Kathy Taylor, Swimwear Designer Sydney

I attended one of Lisa’s workshops, and found the session extremely valuable. Lisa demonstrated a high degree of expertise and her presentation was clear and often times very funny! Her style was open, engaging, and inviting to questions from the group. Lisa is extremely passionate about what she does, and I would definitely recommend her.

Ana Marcelo, Corporate Consultant

I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa, at a CPA Public Practice Forum. Lisa great presentation about ‘Building Resilience’ was very well received by all attendees. I was lucky to get Lisa’s book ‘The Confidence Coach’ which was an inspiring and empowering guide towards self-confidence and taking control of my life and wellbeing.

Farid Zaki Business Accountant Sydney

Lisa is one of the most charismatic and engaging motivational speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with and listening to.

Lisa worked with me and my Management team closely in the development and delivery of various projects, primarily around the space of workplace wellbeing. Lisa provided a number of expert recommendations during the project development stage and was our keynote speaker during our Team Events. She developed a close relationship with our key stakeholders, including frontline team members in her pursuit of ensuring all team were consulted with and felt heard.

Lisa’s advice was always sound during other workplace coaching projects she also assisted our business with. I would highly recommend Lisa for a multitude of workplace consultancy topics due to the breadth and depth of her expertise and knowledge including training, wellbeing, career coaching and strategic planning.

Paula La Rocca, Director of Talent & Culture, Accor Hotels

Lisa Phillips is so magnetically inspirational in her deliveries… she has a remarkable way of drawing her viewer/public in when motivational speaking. She is naturally charismatic while delivering hands-on, practical presentations (and one-on-one coaching) which take people on a journey of real inner discovery. Her presentations are enlightening and life changing. I highly recommend Lisa for all forms of developmental presentations from one-on-one coaching to being a guest speaker or workshop trainer.

Sharon Lynne, Executive Director at TV Pro Global

Lisa Phillips is an amazing, vibrant and engaging confidence coach, who was recently commissioned to speak at our annual employee “Health & Wellness Expo”. As our company has used Lisa in the past for our management workshops, Lisa has proven that she can truly capture her audience and speak at ‘their level’; something truly unique to her. Lisa presented to our employees a workshop on ‘ Building resilience’ engaging them through activities with a certain panache coupled with her witty sense of humour. Lisa cannot come more highly recommended from our company.

Ryan Dickson, Human Resources Co-ordinator