Would you like to join a Transformational Cruise with Life Coach Lisa Phillips?

Introducing: Transformational Cruise Retreats at Sea

Transformational Cruises presents a Life Changing Program on board the luxurious REGAL PRINCESS of Princess Cruises for a 7 Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise Event.  Award Winning Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips is delighted to announce that she will be running workshops and offering coaching sessions on this amazing transformational cruise! 

Where and when?

The cruise sets sail from  Ft Lauderdale, Florida on November 10 to 17th 2019. This transformational cruise will also stop at   3 stunning Caribbean Islands.

The Program

This  Program offers you the chance to combine your love of cruising with a Life Changing on-board daily program, designed to upgrade your body, mind and soul.

During this cruise you will learn how to manifest Health and Wealth by changing your habits for life through health eating, healthy food, exercise with training and practicing Yoga.

In addition to UK Life Coach Lisa Phillips, the program includes other Life Coaches, a Physical Trainer, and a yoga and meditation Specialist.   The trip includes  an a-la-cart choice of options along with your cruise to the stunning Caribbean with plenty of time for relaxation, unwinding and dining aboard the luxurious and comfortable ship the Regal Princess.

Transformational Cruise Company

Transformational Cruises have over 10 years of experience transforming our clients lives with luxury yoga and wellness retreats in Europe. They have studied many aspects of mental, spiritual and physical sciences and practices to bring you a cruise program thats more than a cruise in every sense!

Take the chance of a lifetime to set up the life of success you deserve!

Keynote Speakers and Trainers

Life Coach & Author LISA PHILLIPSWith over 18 years of professional, international experience as confidence coach, life coach, author and motivational speaker, Lisa Phillips will inspire you to believe in yourself, let go of negative beliefs and create the life you have always desired.

Offering leading edge and proven techniques as a life and confidence coach, Lisa is able to assist you with a wide a variety of issues including:

  • Gaining understanding on why your life may not be working out the way you planned/imagined
  • Releasing old behavior patterns and habits easily without struggle
  • Increasing self-worth, self-esteem and confidence
  • Reducing feelings of depression, anxiety and fear
  • Gaining direction and clarity

Transformational Coach and Success Catalyst, ELISA CANALI

Elisa Canali is an International Online Transformational Coach and Success Catalyst (and much more) and her zone of genius is the capability to create SUCCESS going back to your SOUL.

With her gifts of clairaudience and Clairsentience she is able to see directly into your energetical field and know what you need to move through your blocks to create massive success in all area of your life and business.

She has a background in HR for big multinational companies and she has started and created two successful businesses as a Life coach and fashion recruitment consultant.

She works with her clients offering them the best of both worlds: spiritual tools and strategic support for successful lives and businesses.

Group Fitness Trainer DEASHA WADDUP

Deasha has spent years travelling the world and working out everywhere from the beach, parks and in the gym. Deasha is a qualified personal trainer with an online business that allows people to take workouts with them anywhere and workout in any location.

Deasha will guide and encourage you in your personal training daily with love and inspiration-it’s your choice to participate whatever standard of fitness you are at. Imagine jogging the beautiful glass walkway on Princess with views into the sea below, up beat in the gym or exercising on deck..a perfect start to your day.

Experienced Yoga Alliance Teacher, DEBRA HESLIN

Debra Heslin is an Experienced Yoga Alliance Teacher, certified to teach all levels of yoga, breath, and meditation. She is also a Certified Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Secret to Creating the Life that You Want, Hypnosis, and Coaching. Along with that Debra is also Self-Mastery Teacher, Holistic Wellness & Life Coach, Success Principles Trainer, Passion Test Facilitator and High Performance coach. She runs trainings and workshops all over the United States and overseas. In her private practice she conducts personal Breakthrough Sessions for her clients and works as a coach in corporate America.

She has used these teachings to motivate and inspire people in the airline, hotel, medical, legal, financial and other professional industries on how to master and manage stress through various techniques.

  • This process helps change ones thinking defaults – it is about how we think. How our mindset is either helping or getting in the way. How we speak to ourselves and to ourselves.
  • Strengthens relationships within the workforce and personally – it teaches how we connect or disconnect with what is not working and find ways that do. Key tools to help build improved relationships.

Interested in finding our more?

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Transformational Cruises

Lisa speaking on Princess Cruises 2018