People often ask me why I chose to become a Life Coach!  In particular, why I decided to become a Confidence Expert specialising in Confidence. Self Esteem, self belief and self worth.  My answer is always the same.

After working for over 20 years as a Life Coach, it is obvious to me that whatever problem or issue you may be experiencing in your life, it is related to confidence and self worth. It doesn’t  matter whether you are struggling with relationships, your career, financial situation or negative emotions, it is always linked to how you feel about yourself on the inside.

What do I do as a Confidence Expert?

The simple answer is – I help people feel good about themselves!  You see, feeling good is not just for the two weeks while you are on holiday, it is for life!  Some of the key areas I cover with my Life Coaching  include:

  1. Tapping into authentic confidence ( You own personal Confidence Stream)
  2. Unpacking what is holding you back from high self esteem and confidence
  3. Making sure you are following and honouring your own personal preferences

The Truth about my work as a Confidence Expert

  1. I don’t believe in faking it till you make it –
  2. It is an inside job – it’s not about ‘ looking the part‘ – it’s about ‘ feeling the part’
  3. Anyone can become more confident, regardless of age, culture or background.
  4. It is easier than you think.

Lisa Phillips, award winning Confidence Expert and Life Coach.

As the founder of Amazing Coaching UK and Amazing Coaching Australia, I have worked with thousands of people around the globe. I am also the author of The Confidence Coach.   My expertise has been featured many times on national TV, Radio and print and I have won several awards for my leading edge techniques.   I have also had my expert confidence tips featured in hundreds of business and lifestyle magazines.

As a UK Confidence expert, I also share my expertise though  speaking at wellness events and conferences around the world.  I am also an enrichment cruise ship speaker.

So, if you need some help from the UK Confidence expert,  are struggling to feel good about yourself or need help in building up your confidence and self esteem, why not contact me on