Wake up with Positive Momentum

Do you wake up grumpy each morning or do you wake up feeling excited about the day ahead?

Most of us wake up worrying about the day ahead, focusing on what tasks need to be done or generally worrying about life!   I call this negative momentum as in your negative thoughts have gained momentum.  This momentum then gets bigger and bigger throughout the day creating even more stressful thoughts.  This is the law of attraction at play or put simply, you get what you think about!

But what if you could wake up each day with Positive momentum?

You can! You  just need to focus on consciously creating positive momentum as soon as you open your eyes each morning.  This just means gently searching for any thought or feeling that feels good to you, before negative momentum takes over.    It will take a little practice at first, but only because we are changing an old habit.

To begin with, I recommend searching for any thought or feeling that makes you feel good. This could be your family, your last holiday or even your pet.   Try to focus for as long as you can on feeling good.  You may also wish to focus on someone you love or even your favourite outfit! It really doesn’t matter, the important things is to reach for any positive feeling!

Usually this practise is enough to start to build a little positive momentum each morning.  I recommend practising this for 30 days.  Don’t worry if at first the good feelings only last until you get out of bed – it is a great start! Just continue to do this each day and I promise it will get easier.  Remember, the law of attraction will support you with this and bring you more of what you think about!

So why not set yourself up for a good day by creating some positive momentum each morning?  Even if you forget, re-set your momentum at any time by doing this process.   The good news is that it will become easier to set yourself up for a whole day of feeling good!

Recently returned to the UK from Sydney, Australia,  Lisa Phillips is the founder of Amazing Coaching.  She is an International award winning Life Coach and Confidence Coach and is the current Life Coaching expert on The Love Destination TV.

Lisa provides face to face coaching in the Northamptonshire area and also provides online Life Coaching.  Lisa has over 20 years experience and is also a qualified counseller and Master NLP Practitioner.   Please also check out her range of online life coaching courses.

She is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’ and her work appears regularly in the media.