People always ask me ‘ What is a Life Coach and what do you do?

My work is different from Other Life Coaches

The common definition of a Life Coach is ‘a person employed to help people attain their goals in life‘.   Life coaches do this by helping someone focus forward on what they would like to achieve in life.

With over 22 years experience, my life coaching clients gain something a little different from me.  This includes my award winning leading edge techniques which contain a lovely mix of Life Coaching, confidence Coaching, counselling and inner child coaching.  

I also trained as a Counsellor in Australia and am a qualified Inner Child Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Workplace Coach.


My work differs from other Life Coaches:

  1. Working with me, mean we begin by ensuring your desires ( or goal)  are aligned with your authentic self. You would be surprised how many people set goals they don’t really want or feel it is something they ‘ should’ be doing.
  2. I actually don’t set goals – setting desires or ‘ how you want to feel’ is far more effective.   We are always looking for something to feel better.  Therefore your desire  should always make you excited!
  3. My objective is to share my techniques with you.   I cannot do it for you, but I can teach you how!
  4. I don’t believe in struggle.  Struggle is upstream!
  5. My work is about ease, alignment and tapping into your authentic preferences.  I have won four  Bronze Stevie awards for my coaching work ( Including Life Coach and Mentor of the Year).   I have also won awards for my Confidence and Self esteem Life Coaching packages.
  6. Unlike most Life coaches, I specialise with emotional wellbeing, This includes areas such as  anxiety, mental health , confidence and depression.   In fact, my work is about getting you back to feel great about yourself and tuning into who you really are.
  7. You can choose to have just one Life Coaching session.  Everyone is different so my sessions are tailored around your needs – not mine.
  8. My Life Coaching sessions are fun!   After each session, we also work together to set action steps for you to complete.
  9. My qualifications include Life Coaching, Workplace Coaching,  Business Coaching,  Counsellor and Law of Attraction Coach.  In addition, I have  held Senior Management positions in Change Management, Training and Business Engagement in Australia and Singapore.
  10. I have provided Life Coaching services to thousands of people around the globe with my Skype Life Coaching sessions.  I have also worked with hundreds of international organisations and businesses.
  11. My work appears regularly in the media and I have shared my expertise on many national TV Shows.
  12. Author of ‘ The Confidence Coach ‘ book.
  13. I mentor  other Life Coaches, helping them to set up successful Life coaching businesses
  14. Currently, I am the Life Coaching and Confidence Coaching expert on The Love Destination TV. 

Life Coaching Testimonials from my happy clients!

1) Lisa has had a profound effect on my life. When I first saw Lisa I was a stressed out executive really struggling to keep it together in my corporate role. Lisa helped me create a vision of what I wanted out of my working life and set me on the journey of achieving it. Lisa helped me realise that you can achieve whatever you want to and supported me to move in that direction – thank you Lisa, you are truly AMAZING xx

2) Lisa is a true representation of “Amazing Coaching“.
Lisa has been nothing but an asset in my life and has truly helped and coached me to find my own resilience, confidence and happiness.
I have continued to see Lisa in 2018 and Lisa is nothing but supporting, encouraging and “frisky”.
Her positive attitude and zest for life makes every session enjoyable.
Lisa is flexible with her time and has full focus on your own needs rather than a generalised session.
I would recommend amazing coaching for anyone looking to build their self esteem at home, work and life. Lisa helps you find your stream and does everything she can to make that ride on your canoe amazing.
Those who have worked with Lisa know exactly what I’m referring to.
Thanks for your continued support Lisa.

3) I started my journey of transformation with Lisa’s help and guidance in 2005. Her gentle wisdom gave me the confidence to move on from a long term toxic relationship. Lisa is a very insightful and skilful coach. Over the years I have seen her business go from strength to strength, and Lisa enjoy well earned success. I have referred many clients to Lisa, and would happily continue to do so.

4) I first saw Lisa on a cruise where I attended her workshops. Lisa was like a breath of fresh air! Her down to earth, relaxed and positive attitude made her sessions a joy to participate in. I grew up with abuse and bullying being a normal part of my life, which left me with absolutely no self-confidence or self esteem. Lisa has given me a new outlook and a new path (or river!) to follow. I am finally living my life with the confidence, anticipation and excitement that everyone deserves! Thank you Lisa

Northants Life Coaching

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