What mask are you wearing out in public?  Is it the mask of success, the mask of efficiency or the mask of happiness?

I don’t mean the masks we wear due to coronavirus or maybe at Halloween. I mean the emotional masks that we all hide behind or wear to cover up the inadequacies we feel about ourselves.

We wear different kinds of masks to keep us from getting too hurt.  However, in doing so, we close ourselves off from authentic relationships and stay stuck in our childhood wounds.

What mask are you wearing?

Many of us feel insecure about ourselves.   As a result you may wear a mask of success to hide what you really feel about yourself.    Maybe you struggle with intimate relationships so you wear the mask of a social butterfly, having lots of acquaintances but no deep and meaningful partnerships.   Maybe you wear the mask of a people pleaser as your sense of self is totally reliant on how other people view you?

Many of us also wear a mask to hide our ‘ imposter syndrome’ .  This mask covers the fear that we may be found out that we are not really good enough.

Your Authentic Self

We often wear a mask to hide who we really are.  However, allowing yourself to show the world and other people around you is a great gift to yourself and other people.  It also feels empowering as you let go of believing that parts of you are unacceptable to other people and society.

Removing your mask is aligning with your true self.  It is showing up in the world and giving yourself permission to be who you really are.    It is owning your both light and dark sides and backing yourself.   It is an extremely freeing experience as pretending to be something that you are not is really exhausting!

Owning and allowing yourself to be your authentic self is also healing.     It allows you to release old child hood programming and wounds.    It allows you to show up for yourself,  no apologies and no shame.

Northamptonshire Life Coach

Formally based in Sydney, Australia,  Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life Coach and Confidence Coach with over 22  years experience.     Lisa is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ book.    Her work as a leading life coach is regularly featured in the media and she is an extremely popular guest and wellness speaker.   

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