Have you ever taken the time to focus on what positive emotions you want to feel?  

Many of us dream about the tangible things we desire such as a new house, car or partner.  However, have you ever thought about what positive emotions you want to feel?  Or how would it feel if you actually had those tangible things?

The Feeling of what you want is so important.  In the past,  we were taught that positive thinking alone would manifest your desires.   However,  this can take ages!  If you really want to get what you want, it is key to  align both your thoughts and your feelings.  Only then are you in Alignment. 

Why the Feeling what you want is so Important.

We live in a universe of attraction.  Therefore, if you want to attract more money in your life,  you are not going to attract it if you are feeling poor, lack of money or worried about debt!     If you desire a relationship, you are not going to attract it if your dominant feelings are unlovable or alone.

The truth is …..In order to manifest or attract what you want in life, you need to feel it first and identify what positive emotions do you want to feel.

This is alignment.  This is downstream!

The universe is always saying Yes to you.   Therefore, if you want more money, a new relationship, a new job or even more confidence or self esteem, you need to start tapping into how this would feel for you.

You need to Feel the emotion of having what you want – FIRST

When I wanted to become a guest speaker on cruise ships, I had no idea how to go about it!   However, knowing the laws of the universe and manifesting,  I starting to work on what positive emotions , I would experience, if I was already a cruise ship speaker!

For example, I started to feel how much fun it would be, how much I would love the travel and visiting different countries.  I also started to feel the positive emotion of being on stage in front of a large audience and eating fabulous food all day!   Having been on several cruises before,  I started to recreate all the positive emotions that I had felt while cruising.

Oh this process is fun – how wonderful is it to already FEEL the positive feelings even before they have manifested.  Remember, this is an important part of the journey and the key is to conjure up the positive emotions that you want to feel – before the manifestation takes place.  Only then do you and your desire become a match and the universe will create it in your experience.

The Manifestation.

Within two weeks  I received an offer to speak on cruise ships!  However, it wasn’t just the excitement of being engaged as a cruise ship speaker that I enjoyed,  it was the entire journey to my manifestation as it felt so good!

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