What to expect from a Coaching Session with Lisa Phillips?

I get lots of emails and enquiries about  Life Coaching and Confidence Coaching. Therefore,  I thought I would write a quick blog today on What to expect from a coaching session with me.

First of all,  there is no one size fits all!

Everyone is different!  Newly qualified coaches may use a standard program for coaching but in my opinion this is about getting the client to fit a program.  I have 22 years experience as coach and everyone is different! We all have different desires, beliefs, thoughts and issues which is why my coaching is tailored to your unique needs.   As a qualified counseller and NLP Practitioner, I make sure you personal coaching sessions are totally tailored to your needs.

How Long is a Coaching Program?

One thing I can assure you, I don’t tie anyone into a long coaching program.  The key reason is that you don’t need it! Whatever your issues, you will start to feel better after only one session.  In fact, most clients only have a total of 6 – 8  coaching sessions.  These can be paid upfront with a discount or simply pay as you go!

How long do I wait  between coaching sessions?

The first two or three sessions are the most important.   This is because it is key to keep the momentum going so the changes can be embedded.  Therefore, I recommend that clients have one coaching session per week for at least the first two weeks.  After than, once every 2 week or even three weeks is actually fine!  However,  often just one or two sessions are sufficient to have you feeling better.   You can also pay for your Coaching sessions via PayPal.

Do you do Skype Coaching sessions or only face to face?

I do both, and can also offer you coaching sessions via Zoom, FB Messenger and what’s app.   We can also just use the phone if you prefer.  Although I am based in Northamptonshire, UK, I work with clients all over the world.  I also provide a range of online Life Coaching programs.

What to expect from a Coaching Session with Lisa Phillips?

You can expect resolution from your issues . In addition I will share with you simple techniques that you can use to ensure that the changes are embedded.   As a qualified Counsellor and Coach, I am an expert in tapping into why you may be experiencing issues in your life and then working with you to resole them quickly.  You can expect our coaching sessions to be fun, enlightening, supportive and different from less experienced coaches.  You can also expect Homework after every session as well!  Check out my Life Coaching Values! 

What are your qualifications?

I am a qualified Life Coach, Business Coach and Career Coach. I am also an NLP Master and have a diploma in Counselling.  I have also trained with many experts around the world to give you leading edge techniques which will assist you to change without the struggle.   I have also won several international awards for my leading edge techniques.

Who do you work with?

Anyone! I work with both personal and business / corporate clients.  My speciality is confidence and self esteem .  I am also the author the The Confidence Coach book.  However I can assist with issues including:

  • Negative feelings / emotions (Guilt, anxiety, depression etc)
  • Achieving Goals and desires
  • Tapping into your authentic self
  • Coping with changes in your life.
  • Freeing yourself from self sabotage, negative programming

What are the next steps?

If you are interested in coaching, why not drop me a line at lisa@amazingcoaching.co.uk for a no obligation chat about how I can help you feel good in only a few sessions?   Also check out some of my FREE Life Coaching resources!

You can also watch Lisa Phillips on The Love Destination TV Series.