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2405, 2020

5 Day Confidence Boost

Do you need a quick Confidence Boost?  I recently shared my quick 5 day Confidence Boost on my Amazing Coaching  Life Coaching Social media pages with great success.     This quick 5 day Confidence exercise has one simple confidence exercise to complete every day.   Remember, this work is not about ' faking it until you make it' .   In order to have real authentic confidence from the inside out - it is about FEELING confident, not faking [...]

1405, 2020

How do I become a Life Coach?

I would make a small fortune if I had a £$ for every time I was asked the question ' How do I become a Life Coach?' This week alone I have had three emails asking this very same question.    As sadly I don't have the time to tailor each response,  I thought it would be a lot of easier to share this information in a blog post. How do you become a Life Coach? I [...]

705, 2020

Mentoring for Life Coaches

Are you a brand new Life Coach who would benefit from Mentoring from Award winning Life Coach Lisa Phillips? As a Leading Life Coach with 22 years experience,  I am highly skilled in mentoring Life Coaches who may have difficulty gaining clients, or just don't have the confidence to launch their own business. It is really common for Life Coaches to complete their Life Coaching Qualifications  and then give up.  As a result, there are a large [...]

2504, 2020

Northamptonshire Teacher Training Days

In April, I was booked to run several workshops for Northamptonshire's Learning for Life Trust Teacher Training Day. However, due to lockdown, sadly this was not happen physically! I love running wellness workshops for teachers or anyone in the education sector.   I always find teachers and their support staff are always a great audience.  Due to their hard work,  they are sadly in desperate need for some self care, nourishing and practical wellness techniques. I must admit,  [...]

2404, 2020

Gong Baths

With many of us living with lockdown,  I was on the search for some new online meditation and wellness classes.  I love experiencing new wellness techniques so the Coronavirus lockdown was the perfect time to try something new! During my own journey of 21 years in Self Development,  believe me, I have tried every wellness technique going! These have ranged from Angel Card readings,  ( of which I am a certified Angel reader), re-birthing, kinesology, reiki and [...]

504, 2020

Coronavirus Wellness Tips 2

Every week on my Amazing Coaching Facebook Page,  I am sharing daily Coronavirus Wellness Tips. For those who you who do not use Facebook,   I have summarised the tips in this weeks blog.  You can find previous weeks  Coronavirus Tips here. Further advice on  how to how to feel good during the Coronavirus outbreak can be found here.  Coronavirus Wellness Tips 2: Grab your journal today or some paper. Sit down for a few minutes and [...]