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705, 2019

How to find Work Life Balance

Would you how to learn how to find Work Life Balance?  Are you struggling with all the expectation of your Career and Your life? Well keep on reading! I get a lot of people come to me for Life Coaching sessions  or Confidence Coaching sessions complaining about the lack of Work Life balance in their life.   My first question is often ' What are you doing about it?' It is as this stage that I tend [...]

405, 2019

From Accountant to Life Coach

I shall tell you a secret.  I moved career from Accountant  to Life Coach! When working with my Coaching Programs,  I often share my story from Accountant to Life Coach with my coaching clients. Accountancy was never the AUTHENTIC ME. I thought it was a good idea at the time.   It fact, everyone around me encouraged me to become an accountant.  So I did it.  I sat my exams, trained in accountancy and then worked in [...]

305, 2019

How to Stop Feeling Guilty

In this weeks Amazing Coaching's blog, I will share with you my tips on ' How to Stop Feeling Guilty' It is human nature to sometimes feel guilty about our past mistakes.   However,  does feeling guilty really solve anything? Does it actually make things better?  Does it actually feel good? Why we Feel Guilty We often feel guilty when we believe we have done something, or said something which we believe is wrong.  It could be [...]

2604, 2019

Confidence when applying for Jobs

Would you like more confidence when applying for Jobs? Lisa Phillips, an award winning guest speaker and Life Coach based in Northamptonshire,  recently ran a webinar on this very topic. Confidence in the Job Application Process Lisa was recently asked by Mandarin Consulting , a global elite coaching company based in London to run a webinar for their candidates.   Lisa also works on a freelance basis with the company so was delighted to share her expertise [...]

2504, 2019

Speaker for Schools

Are you looking for a highly experienced and engaging speaker for schools to speak to at your Teacher Training day or speak at your annual Education, School or Teacher Conference?  Do you need an inspirational speaker to inspire your Students? Northamptonshire Speaker for Schools Northamptonshire Life Coach, Confidence Expert and the author of ' The Confidence Coach' has spoken at many school and education events.   These have included: Teacher Wellness and Staff wellness  Days across Schools [...]