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503, 2019

Self Esteem Challenge

Did you know that 3 out of 5 people in the UK admit to struggling with self esteem?   The good news is that Northamptonshire Life Coach and Confidence Expert is sharing her personal 14 day Self Esteem Challenge on The Love Destination app!

2602, 2019

Skype Life Coaching

Northamptonshire based award wining Life Coach and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips, provides Life Coaching and Confidence Coaching using Skype all around the world.   Currently, she is using Skype to coach clients in Australia, USA, Norway, Ireland, Scotland , London, New Zealand, UAE and all around the UK.

1702, 2019

New Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day

Award winning Northamptonshire Confidence Coach and Life Coach  Lisa Phillips was recently asked to share her expertise for Unilad UK for an article on ' How to Celebrate Valentines Day without actually celebrating it'

1402, 2019

Relationship Coaching

Lets face the truth,  it is in our relationships that our deepest insecurities, fears and judgement rise up to the surface.  The fact is, relationships act like mirrors!  Therefore,  if you are experiencing a  problem in your relationship ( or keep experiencing the same types of relationship issues even if you partners are different) then relationship coaching will assist both you and your partner in resolving your inner and outer concerns, issues and fears.

302, 2019

See Lisa on Amazon Prime

You can see the award winning Confidence expert Lisa Phillips on Amazon Prime for Free if you are a Prime member.   Otherwise, the videos are available for download for only 99p.    In this series,  the Northamptonshire based Life Coach Lisa Phillips shares her tips on:

202, 2019

Coaching for Interviews

In my book ' The Confidence Coach' I share my tips on Coaching for Interviews as well as General Career Coaching. I also offer 1 on 1 coaching for online interviews, application forms, face to face interviews and assessment centres.