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207, 2019

Miss Jones Wellness Summit

Confidence Expert Lisa Phillips is to be guest speaker at the Miss Jones Wellness Summit in September 2019. The award winning Life Coach and author of ' The Confidence Coach' book, is delighted to be asked to speak at this  Wellness event in London. About this Wellness Summit The Miss Jones Wellness Summit will take place at Mortimer House, an exclusive Members Club based in Fitzrovia, London.   The wellness summit will take place over 4 floors [...]

2306, 2019

Northants Interview Coaching

Are you looking for interview coaching in the Northamptonshire area?  Or would you like interview coaching online? Lisa Phillips is a fully accredited Interview Coach.   The award winning Northamptonshire Life Coach and author of ' The Confidence Coach' can help you ace your interview.  It does not matter what stage of the interview you are at, or even if you are just ' looking' for the next career move,  Lisa can help you get hired, promoted [...]

206, 2019

Online Life Coaching

An online Life Coach offers Life Coaching sessions via Skype, Telephone, WhatsApp, and other online technology. Although I am a Northamptonshire based Life Coach,  my clients come to me from across the UK – and indeed the world!.   In fact, I am currently working with clients from not just the UK, but from Australia, America, Kuwait, Dubai, Norway and across Europe.  Online Life Coaching Over the years, the Life Coach industry has changed.   When I [...]

1605, 2019

Mental Health Guest Speaker

Lisa Phillips, the award winning Confidence Coach is delighted to be asked to be the Mental Health Guest Speaker at STAGES ( Support Training Advice Guidance Education Services Ltd) .  Stages is  a Corby based community support group for people with poor Mental Health.   They provide support to recovering addicts/ families & people suffering with mental health illness using holistic therapies and mindfulness. About Stages The Mental Health Community Group  was created in August 2013.  The [...]

705, 2019

How to find Work Life Balance

Would you how to learn how to find Work Life Balance?  Are you struggling with all the expectation of your Career and Your life? Well keep on reading! I get a lot of people come to me for Life Coaching sessions  or Confidence Coaching sessions complaining about the lack of Work Life balance in their life.   My first question is often ' What are you doing about it?' It is as this stage that I tend [...]