Each morning, we wake up as the same person.  We think the same thoughts, focus on the same problems and regurgitate the same emotions.   Over time, this program becomes our personality and our identity.  We just end up doing same things every day, and feeling the same emotions, day in, day out.  Nothing really changes.

However, is this the person that you would like to be?

Science shows, that by the time we reach 35 years old,  we are a series of old programs and old habits. ( Or SPAM) as I call it.

These programs are simply outdated emotions based on past memories, old negative beliefs and old unconscious habits of behaving.   As a result, we do the same things, think the same things and act in the same way, every single day.

These programs are so familiar to us that they feel comfortable, just like an old pair of slippers.  In fact, every morning we reach for these old familiar feelings as they have become our identity.  As a result, nothing changes in our lives.  These patterns actually have a chemical related to them, it is like we become addicted to a person and a life we don’t even like that much!

But what if you want to become a different person?

Many people come to see me for Life Coaching as they are fed up with the person they are.   They may want to feel better, take on a new future or just release some of the old unconscious programming.  Many clients also visit me because they feel stuck.   They know where they would like to be but just can’t seem to get there!

Becoming the Person you really want to be

The truth is, if you really want to step into the person you really want to be, you need to let go of the person that you think you are.   This includes the negative beliefs you hold about yourself, the familiar emotions and your old programming.        In order to move forward, you need to focus more on the who you would like to be, rather than you are right now.

The reason for this is the person you believe you currently are is all based on programming from the past.  Therefore, in order to  become someone different, you need to focus on the person you want to be in the future.

This means retraining the familiar,  forging new emotions and neural pathways in your brain, and letting go of the old you.

So today,  ask yourself Who you would like to be?  If you became that person, what would you need to let go of? What beliefs? What thoughts and what behaviours?

Northants Life Coaching

Lisa Phillips is a Life Coach, Confidence Coach and Career Coach based in Northamptonshire.   Formally based in Sydney, Australia,  Lisa has over 20 years experience as an award winning Life Coach.    Lisa is also the author of the book ‘ The Confidence Coach’ .    Lisa provides her services around Northamptonshire and also provides Skype and Online Coaching.

She is currently the Life Coaching expert on The Love Destination TV.

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