Let me explain why Positive Thinking doesn’t work.   Or should I say, it doesn’t work effectively, easily or quickly unless you match your positive thoughts with a corresponding elevated emotion or feeling in your body.

22 years ago  I started my own Personal Development journey and launched www.amazingcoaching.com.au  .  At this point, it was all about the  benefits of positive thinking.

Things move on….

Over the years, there has been  many amazing breakthroughs in Neuroscience and Personal Development.  Research now shows that in order to make your positive thoughts effective, you need to also elevate the corresponding feeling or emotion in your body.

Research by Neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza illustrates that repeating a positive thought only reaches your brain stem – or just 41% of your body.   Therefore, unless you get your emotions involved, positive thinking doesn’t work!

Matching your Positive Thinking with your Emotions

Let’s say you just want to feel a little more joy or happiness in your life.   Old models would encourage you to consciously create new positive thoughts and think happy thoughts.   You may also use affirmations such as ‘ I am happy, or I desire happiness’.     However,  neuroscience is now proving that if you want more happiness in your life,  you have to feel happy as well.   This means as well as thinking positive thoughts, you need to create an elevated feeling of happiness in your body as well.   You need to FEEL it before you experience it.

The more you create this alignment of thoughts and feelings, the more this becomes your new identity, your new programming and your new point of attraction.

Why Positive thinking doesn’t work alone

Unfortunately, if you practice  positive thinking alone, you may experience the following struggles:

  1. It can take years to convince your body that what your thoughts are thinking are true for you.
  2. Your thoughts may conflict with your feelings.  e.g.  You may thinking positively about having more happiness in your life. However, if your beliefs conflict with the thoughts (e.g. You feel it is difficult or you are not worthy of happiness)   then this cause ‘ split energy’ or a conflict in your belief.   As a result, you may just feeling stuck!
  3. The likelihood is that you will just give up as you feel frustrated as nothing is changing!
  4. You may end up just feeling upstream and nothing you want is upstream!

Creating Alignment between Thoughts and Emotions

In order to create quick, effective change, you need to align both your positive thoughts, with a positive feeling in your body.

For example,  if you want to feel loved,  you have to FEEL in your body how lovely it will be to feel Loved.

If you want to feel Good Enough, you need to practice the emotion ( What would it feel like?) of Good Enough.

If you want to feel abundant, you must create feelings of abundance in your body first.

This is what I do with my Life Coaching clients.   Using this method, not only to my clients FEEL better ( and go downstream) but they then attract more of what they want as they are vibrating on the same frequency as their desires.

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