Whether I am on stage speaking on a cruise ship, facilitating a confidence workshop, or working with my Life Coaching clients,  I always talk about why your life is like a flowing stream.

When you wake up each morning,  I would love you to imagine that instead of getting out of bed, you get into a canoe.  This canoe, is floating on a beautiful flowing stream.

The canoe represents your life.   The stream represents your emotions.

Your Canoe of Life

Each and everyone of us has  a choice where to take your canoe ( your life) every single day.   You can decided to take it upstream,  stay where you are or downstream.

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The canoe will go in the direction of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.   Therefore,  if you wake up each morning feeling bad, worrying about your day or beating yourself up,  your canoe will go upstream.

So, think about it, what happens when you take a canoe upstream? Yes, it is hard work, a struggle, frustrating and you just don’t go anywhere!  This is how many of us live our lives and we often feel anxious or depressed.

How do you know you are going upstream – your emotions give you feedback in the form of negative emotions!

Taking your Canoe Downstream

If you choose however, to start your day gently,  setting clear intentions, being nice to yourself ( yes, even when you look in the mirror!),  your canoe ( or life) will start to move downstream.

So, what happens when a canoe moves downstream – it is easy, in the flow and gently gains momentum.

How do you know you are going downstream – your emotions give you feedback in the form of positive emotions!

Care more about how you feel.

Your emotions really are the best guidance you will ever have.  However, most of us are more tuned into what we think that what we feel.   However, what if you made caring about how you feel the most important task of the day? What if you could learn to tune into whether you feel upstream or downstream and choose to take your life and canoe downstream?

The Reality.

The reality is that so many of us do not treat our life like a flowing stream and we take very little notice of how we actually feel.    Often, we spend 52 weeks of the year living an upstream life – only having 2 downstream weeks when we take annual leave or go on holiday!

The good news is that with a little bit of inner work, you can learn to listen to that beautiful guidance inside of you.  The guidance which is always directing you through your emotions to feel good and towards your hearts desire.

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