Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness is a hot topic at the moment around the world.   The number of employee absentee days taken due to ill health are on the increase and job satisfaction is on the decrease.

The good news is that research is proving  that with just a little bit more effort, organisations can increase the workplace wellbeing of their staff and improve staff resilience, happiness at work and productivity.    Not only does this boost the organisations employees , it also boosts the bottom line.

Recently returned to Northamptonshire from Sydney,  Lisa Phillips is an expert speaker on the topics of Workplace wellness, resilience and confidence.  With over 18 years experience as a TV Confidence Coach,  Lisa has  spoken and run workshops for a large range of organisations including PWC,  CPA, CHP, ANZ, and Tata Steel ( Corby Northants).  Lisa also regularly facilitates workplace wellness initiatives for Schools and Universities and is a regular Enrichment speaker on Princess, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises.    She is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach’  ( Exile 2015) which contains chapters on topics such as interviewing skills, confidence at work and assertiveness.

Northants based Speaker and Wellness Expert Lisa Phillips can run a bespoke workplace wellness event for your organisation or you can choose from any of her signature topics which include:

  • Building Resilience
  • How to Empower your Staff
  • Confident Employees
  • How to be your own best friend at work ( Suitable for those in the Caring / Nursing Industries)
  • Empowered Communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Stress Management

Northants based Professional Speaker and Wellness expert Lisa Phillips is also a popular motivational  speaker and you can find out more on her UK speaker site here .    To see videos of Lisa on National TV, please see here. 

To find out more about how Lisa can help you with workplace wellbeing,  please contact her for a no obligation chat on +44 7376746363 or email Lisa at [email protected]

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