In addition to being an award winning guest speaker , TV Confidence expert and Life coach, Northamptonshire based Lisa Phillips has vast staff engagement, facilitation, training and staff wellness  experience.

Lisa can run a staff workshop for your organisation on a range of topics.  These include: Mental Health, Wellness at Work, Staff Empowerment, Self Care for Employees, Staff Resilience and Managing Stress.  Many of these workshops can be taken as a ‘ Lunch and Learn’ session.

You can choose for Lisa to design a workshop on your behalf or choose from one of the staff workshops below:

How to Empower Your Staff

This inspirational staff workshop discusses the differences between empowerment and disempowerment both at work and personally. Learn how and why we give our power away to other people!  Learn ways to take back your power and become and more confident and assertive person at work.

Communication Skills

What stops you from having courageous and empowered conversations? Are you a people pleaser who ends up saying Yes when you really mean No? This topic uncovers negative beliefs which may prevent us from being great communicators and asking for what we want – and truly deserve.

How to be Your Own Best Friend

This is the most popular workshop for employees, conferences and networking events.   This 1 hour workshop will help you identify the ways you are your own worst enemy! 10 practical tips are shared on ‘ How to be Your Own Best Friend’

Building Resilience at Work

Are your employees or team stressed out?  Are they struggling with anxiety or mental health issues?  This one hour Resilience workshop will support your employees to build resilience from the inside out.  They will learn how to be more in control of their emotions and get off the emotional roller coaster.   10 Tips to build resilience are covered in this staff workshop.

Wellness at Work

This workshop can be provided over 1 or 2 hours.  This staff workshop provides your employees with different ways to take responsibility for their own wellness at work.  This workshop includes self care, dealing with negative emotions and the importance of resilience.  10 Tips to increase self care are covered in this workshop.

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