The ability to cope with life’s up’s and downs and feel more resilient is an important skill.    Resilient people adapt more easily to changing circumstances,  see challenges as opportunities and bend when their path changes.

For me, one of the main benefits of feeling more resilient is that it just feels so much easier on your mind and your body.    When you lack resilience,  you will find your emotions get blown around in the wind like a feather, depending on external circumstances.    However, a resilient person tends to be more grounded.  It is like having a steady rock inside of you rather than a feather, and this rock keeps you feeling safe, secure and hopeful.  Feeling resilient also helps you stay steady on your own canoe so that your emotions are not at the mercy of  external conditions.

Resilience can be taught

Even if you didn’t have the best of starts in life, the good news is that the skill of resilience can be taught.  Through breakthroughs in neuroplasticity,  science shows that you can become a more resilient person, whether you are a young child or a mature adult.  I see this in my Life Coaching sessions all the time and it is not as difficult as you may think.

The Difference between a Resilient and non- resilient person.

Resilient people bounce back positively in difficult times.
They trust that everything will work out ok – letting go of the need to control everything!
Resilient people  empower themselves to take action and solve problems
They don’t see mole hills as mountains
They accept that ‘s**t happens and accept it as part of life!

5 Tips to Feel more Resilient
  1. Recognise that you can make yourself a more resilient person by recognising that stress starts in your own mind.   How do you react when something doesn’t go to plan?  Do you freak yourself out with worrying thoughts and scare yourself,  or do you soothe and reassure yourself? The more you reassure yourself, the more you will build up your inner resilience and recognise that you can cope!
  2. Care more about how you feel.  Most of us state we would rather feel good over bad so if this was really true, why would you scare yourself or frighten yourself about the future?
  3. Take back your Power!   Are you allowing your worries and stress to rule your life?   Ask yourself ‘ How can I take responsibility for what stresses me out?‘   When we give away our power to things we cannot control we render ourselves powerless.
  4.  View hardships as a curve in the road that may lead you to somewhere more exciting!  Try not to see them as the end of the world!
  5.  Work on your boundaries.    If you don’t have good boundaries in place,  you will allow people to walk all over you.   Feel more resilient  by having good boundaries in place and learn to protect yourself.

Northamptonshire Life Coach

Previously based in Sydney, Australia,  Lisa Phillips now works with her Life Coaching clients from her home in Corby, Northants.    She also provides online Life Coaching to her clients across the world.

Lisa has over 21 years experiences and has won several awards for her leading edge Coaching techniques.   Prepared to be transformed in only a few sessions!   Lisa is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ book and her expertise is regularly featured in both the Australian and UK media. 

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