Writing letters to your inner child is extremely healing.

Inside of us all is our own little wounded inner child.  It is the part of you that feels  hurt, trauma and pain from our childhood which has yet to be healed.   We may try to justify our hurt as we get older using our minds, but this will not heal the inner child.    There is no point trying to make changes or feeling positive in your mind only.  In order to really heal yourself and make changes, you need to both change your mind and heal the inner child.  Only then will you come into alignment with both your heart and your head.  This is where real change and healing takes place and it is much easier than you think!

Composing a letter to your inner child.

Allowing yourself to write your true feelings down on paper removes them from the darkness of your mind, onto the light of the paper.  It allows your wounds and pain to surface.  Most of all, it allows you to own and acknowledge your hurt.   Many of us never had our childhood wounds validated.  Writing letters to your inner child allows you to do this.  It shows your inner child that you care and you are listening.    Just trying to think positive will just ‘ override’ your pain, it doesn’t acknowledge it or validate it.   This is needed to heal completely.

You do not have to send the letters!

Don’t panic we are not going to actually send any of the letters!   This exercise is more about allowing your inner child to have it’s say and feel acknowledged.  How much pain do you have from your childhood that has been stuffed down and pushed to the side?

How to Write a letter to your Inner Child.

a) There is a little child inside of you that feels all the pain from childhood as if it has happened yesterday.  This includes not having your needs met,  being criticized, abandoned or feeling ‘ not good enough‘.   Everybody is different.  However, if we don’t heal the child, these wounds follow us into adulthood.  Start by getting a sheet of paper and let your inner child have it’s say! If your child is angry, allow the words of anger to flow.  If you child feels hurt, allow him or her to express their pain.  Through your letter writing, allow your inner child to have it’s say.

b) You can also write a letter of forgiveness to your inner child.   Tell them how sorry you are that they suffered and were hurt.  Tell him or her how wonderful they are, how much you love them and that you are going to protect them now.   Tell them it is safe to feel every emotion that they feel.  Don’t try to justify or make excuses for the way that you feel.

c) Write a letter from your inner child to one of the people you believe may have passed on a negative belief to you.

Letter Example:

Dear Mum / Dad / Sister / Teacher/ Husband / Wife etc.:
Thank you for the following negative beliefs.

• I am not good enough
• There is something wrong with me
• I must be a nice person and not upset anyone even if I am hurting
• I am worthless

I now realise that these beliefs are not true. In actual fact, they are your beliefs and were not mine to begin with. I now choose to give these back to you along with all the other negative comments you may have had about me.
( Your name)

d) After you have completed writing a letter to your inner child, don’t be surprised if you feel emotional.   Connect with the child inside of you and tell them everything they always wanted to hear from family when they were growing up.   Do they need to hear that it wasn’t their fault, that they are important and it is safe for them to speak up?

e) When you have finished with the letters, rip them up, bury them but most of all let them go. These actions are really symbolic so don’t underestimate their healing powers.

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