Life Coaching clients often come to see me for their first visit and believe they are broken in some way.   We all feel broken from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you are broken. I promise you, you are not broken despite what you may think!

Feeling Broken

We may feel we are broken if we believe there is something fundamentally wrong with us.   For many, this could just be that we feel unhappy, anxious, guilty or are struggling in a particular area of our life.  Maybe we lack self esteem or confidence and therefore label ourselves as being ‘ broken‘.    It is as if we need to fix every part of our life before we can remove our ‘ broken’ label with a ‘ fixed and ok‘ label.

When we do this,  we are coming from a false premise or negative belief that we are not ok as we are.  It is like we believe we are flawed in some way or need to ‘ fix’ something in our lives before we can feel good or whole again.  We are therefore starting from a baseline position of being flawed.  A flawed person with a flawed personality.

You are already Whole.

Regardless of  how we feel, or what is happening in our lives,  we are not broken.  We are still whole.  Yes, we may want to clean up a few issues but fundementally, you are already whole.  You don’t need to struggle to be fixed as there is nothing wrong with you in the first place.  You were born whole and you are still whole.

Start from Being OK with where you are

Instead of labelling yourself as broken,  why not be ok with where you are but eager to feel better?  Why not accept that you are already whole, already good enough but you are  eager to improve things?  When you do this, you are coming from a space of ‘ already being ok’ rather than being ‘ broken’.

When you do this, you let go of the struggle and allow yourself to move forward naturally. Try it today – just let go of the thought that you are broken and allow yourself to feel ok wherever you are in your life.   Remember, you are already whole.

Life Coaching with Lisa Phillips

With over 20 years experience, Lisa Phillips is an award winning Life Coach, Confidence expert and Guest speaker.  Lisa is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach Book’.

Why not contact Lisa today for a no obligation chat to see how she can help you?   Lisa is currently based in Northamptonshire but works with Life Coaching clients all over the world via Online Coaching and Skype Life Coaching.

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