Your Happiness Preferences

Your Happiness Preferences

Your Happiness Preferences

Have you ever tapped into your happiness preferences?  By this I mean the things which are personal to you that always make you feel good and experience positive emotions?

Most of us can remember the last time we did something for our friends or family  that felt good, but when was the last time you took time out to prioritize  your  happiness preferences and did something just for you that was personal and you knew would feel good for you? Can you remember the last time you consciously decided to do this for yourself?

What are your happiness preferences?

These are the things that are unique and personal to you.  They are often the things we enjoyed doing as a child such as reading, being outdoors, creating something or playing a musical instrument.  It could be anything really – but you know it is your happiness preference as when you do it, you always feel good! ( and you float downstream!) 

Why  are you happiness preferences important?

When you take the time to do something for yourself, something which makes you happy, you are sending powerful messages out to the world and the universe.   Energetically,  you are saying:

  1. I care about my own happiness
  2. I care about feeling good
  3. I like myself enough to do something nice for myself
  4. I am prioritizing my own needs

Sadly, the truth is that many of us have pushed our happiness preferences to the side.  Although we may remember what makes us feel good, rarely do we take time out to actually recreate these feeling to take time for them in our busy lives.

Remember, life is like a photocopier or a mirror, so when you start sending out these positive vibrations, you will attract more of it in your life.

To view a video of Northants Life and Confidence Coach speaking on stage on Royal Caribbean about the importance of your happiness preferences, please see a YouTube clip here

Northants based Life and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips is an authority on all things confidence, self esteem and emotional wellbeing.  Lisa has over 18 years experience and her work is featured regularly in the media.   Lisa is also a professional speaker and regularly runs event in both the private and public sector.   To find out more about Lisa’s work, or to have her speak at your event, please see either or

Lisa is also the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’ ( Exile 2015)

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