A walk with friends

Imagine  you are walking down the street with a few of your friends.  Did you know that each of you will have a  different experience? This experience will be dependant on your personal point of attraction.    If your point of attraction is high ( or downstream)  you will attract more things to feel good about.   Everyone you meet will add to your pleasure and your walk down the street will just feel so good!

However,  if your point of attraction is upstream, then you may experience obstacles on your path, issues to contend with and everyone you meet will just match your upstream feelings!

What is your point of attraction?

According to the work of Abraham Hicks, it is the emotional vantage point from which your entire universe is created.  IT IS THE WAY YOUR FEEL.  How you feel at any given time sets the energy you are “putting out there”. In turn, the energy you are attracting into your life.   This is the law of attraction.

From this perspective, you can begin to notice how everything in your environment is a manifestation of your feelings, conscious or unconscious.

What do you regularly attract into your life?

A good way to identify your point of attraction is to look at re-occurring patterns or situations in your life.

Do you find people to be friendly or hostile towards you?   Your experience will be dependant your beliefs and how your feel.

Do you expect to collaborate with loving friendly people or do you expect them to hurt you?

Do you expect people to like what they see in your or judge you?

What ever you experience is a match to your personal point of attraction.

Check out this video from Abraham Hicks.

Inner Child Work

The use of inner child coaching is an easy way to improve unconscious beliefs that you may be holding that are impacting your point of attraction.

For example,   if you still have active beliefs from childhood such as ‘not feeling safe in the world, people let you down or you just are not ‘ good enough’  these will impact your point of attraction.

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