In my opinion,  healing your inner child is an important part of regaining your true authentic self.   I use inner child therapy regularly in my life coaching sessions when supporting my clients to heal trauma,  regain their power and integrate new healthy ways of behaviour.   I also offer specific inner child coaching.

Healing your Inner Child.

Each one of us has our own scared inner child.    This often wounded part of us  holds our faulty programming,  toxic beliefs, fears and pain.  I believe the inner child is often in charge and if not healed,  as an adult, we continue to believe all the spam programming we may have unconsciously picked up in our informative years.    In order to truly heal, we must heal our inner child.

Positive Thinking is not enough

When we have have an inner child who feels unworthy, not important or not good enough,  no amount of positive thinking will change this belief.   If we want to really heal, we must heal these thoughts by connecting and re-parenting our inner child.  When we do this,  change is often instant.   We are healing the core of the issue.

Have you ever tried to convince yourself that you are beautiful, safe or good enough?  Convincing yourself will not heal the inner child if he or she believes deep down that they is ugly, unsafe or not good enough.   We have to work gently and softly with the inner child.  We have to heal our inner child by telling him/ her what they have always wanted to hear.  We need to change the lies that your inner child believes about themselves and the world around them.

Inner Child Coaching

When using inner child coaching in my practice, I use a 2 step approach.   The first step involves taking the time to introduce yourself to your inner chid.   This step includes healing your inner child by using validation, understanding and support.    Only when your inner child begins to trust you, can you move onto step two.

In step two,   we work with our inner child to re-parent and gently rewire old programming.    This is a different experience for everyone depending on their unique programming and background.

Try this meditation to work with your own inner child.

Here are a few of my favourite inner child meditations:

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Life Coaching and Healing your Inner child.

If you have never done any inner child work,  I highly recommend you use the services of a licenced therapist or coach.   They will be able to guide you safely and assist you in healing your inner child.    I have been doing this work in my Northamptonshire Life Coaching practice for over 20 years and have both the qualifications and experience to heal your inner child in a safe and life changing way.

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