Have you always wondered where your Confidence comes from?  Unfortunately, many of us are under the illusion that it comes from other people be it our partner, boss or parents.

We blame Other People

We often point the blame finger at others for ‘failing’ to instil in us the confidence we desire. In addition, we blame other people for our lack of self esteem.  The real truth is that you get your confidence from YOU, not from other people. It is purely an internal process.

Okay, I acknowledge that many of us would like to have learned more about being self-assured when we were growing up, but hey, you are an adult now, so you can choose to take responsibility — today. It doesn’t matter how long you have felt lacking in self esteem or struggled with feeling good,  you can make a decision right now to do something positive about it.

We all have a Confidence Muscle

Don’t forget that within every one of us lies a confidence muscle. Yes, it may have been downtrodden and crushed over the years, but that muscle is still inside you and nobody can take it away — unless you let them. Just like any other muscle, it needs regular exercise to get it working effectively again.

Remind yourself of the following points:

  • Everyone already has some degree of confidence; it may have just been worn down over the years.
  • Each and every one of us has the ability to build a strong confidence muscle.
  • If you don’t take action now, things may never change.
  • Building a firm foundation will make your  journey far easier and enjoyable.

Building Confidence with Lisa Phillips

Award winning Life Coach and Confidence Coach Lisa Phillips has  over 20 years experience.  Her work appears regularly in the media. She is also the author of ‘ The Confidence Coach‘ book.

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